30 Things Before Thirty: Looking Back

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I’m. Going. To. Be. 30.


I never created a 30 before 30 list. But you know what? I’ve done a lot of cool shit in my almost 30 years.

I was planning on posting this 30 days before my GOLDEN 30th birthday on May 30th, but things don’t always work out the way they are planned and that’s okay.

I’ve decided to write a list of 30 things that would have been on my 30 before 30 list, if I had made one…Of course these are the things that I have obviously already  completed (or will complete) before the big day.

(Side note: I am well aware that somewhere halfway through the list, I switch tenses. Just go with it, because I’m too tired to fix it.)

The Bucket List I Never Knew I Already Mastered

1. Get credit debt free. (OK, this one will be officially completed contingent upon my next paycheck, but still. CREDIT. DEBT. FREE. Like a motherfucking boss.)

2. Fire drill in a skyscraper. Hell yes, bitches. (Okay, it’s a shortie but still anything more than 10 floors is still super tall!) Did you know that when they have a fire drill in a big fancy tall building, they don’t make you practice going ALL THE WAY down the stairs? Me neither. But I do now.

3. Experience the glory of New Orleans. Twice. I’ve been there pre and post Katrina…and it’s still my second favorite city of all the cities I’ve been to. (Chicago is obvi #1.) (And Disney doesn’t count as a city, PEOPLE. It’s a magical land of joy.)

Speaking of Disney…

4. Visit Disney FIVE times. If I had my way, this would double (at least) before I’m 40, but let’s not push our luck.

5. Find a sand dollar on the beach. Or fifty?

Find a Sand Dollar Find a Sand Dollar

6. Travel out of the country. Yep. Katie and I went to London in 2004 (And yes, my passport is about to expire). And it was amazing.

Tower of London
At the Tower of London

7. Get bullied into snuggling a giant albino snake. 

Cuddle a giant albino snake

7. Become a professional writer. Mama always told me that I should write, because that is where my true talent lies. I’ll never look back. (Well you know what I mean.)

8. Graduate from college. You guys, I was the first person in my familial line to go to college and graduate from a 4 year university. A first generation college graduate. How cool is that?

9. Meet Jenny Lawson. It was totally awesome to meet an author that I admire…even if I did make an ass of myself.

10. See Stonehenge. I’m not going to lie, guys…It was just a pile of rocks. I was hung over and it was just. a pile. of rocks.

Stonehenge is just a pile of rocks.11. Eat the most ridiculous animal meat that you can. A shortened list of the exotic and strange animals that I’ve eaten include: Kangaroo (yum!), Rattlesnake (meh), Raccoon (tastes like it eats my garbage), Antelope (delicious!), and possibly lion (I prefer vegetarian animals, I think.)

12. Take a train across the country. Sort of. We traveled from Chicago to Denver and it was not as awesome as one would think. Of course, we weren’t in a sleeper car either, so that may have made it less awesome.

13. Make a cameo on national television. Twice. In 2008, I went to a Sox game in scout seating, thanks to one of my dear friends. I was wasted and prancing around behind home plate like an asshole. I even made a point to yell over to Ozzie just to say hi. He waved back, but didn’t look happy. He probably didn’t remember meeting me when I was 8.

14. Hold the position of president in an organization. Guys, this is hard work. They told me it would be the best year of my life and the worst…Add in student teaching and that was the hardest year of my life.

15. Be recognized and awarded on a national level. The same organization that I was president of was also the organization that I was named a National Outstanding Vice President for the prior year. It was kind of amazing.

16. Change careers. As tough as this may be, the experience alone is worth it. I never thought that I could be where I am right now, and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

17.Become a godmother. The day my godson was born, was one of the happiest days ever. Having the honor of being his godmother, though? Joy forever. I truly have the best godson in the world.

18. Fall in love.

19. Have my heart broken.

20. Found Brian.

21. Get a tattoo.

Irish Twin Tattoos
The Irish Claddagh symbolizes friendship, loyalty, and love. Cupla is Gaelic for twins.

22. Received a Christmas card from out of the country! Thanks to my Canadian pal, Ash!

23. Hit over 1,000 Facebook Likes on my page!

24. I got to see wild dolphins.

25. Went to Westminster Abbey. Drunk.

26. Met a blogger in real life. 

27. Took a grown up trip to Disney World. I can put Disney on my completed bucket list twice. Hell I could do it three times if I wanted to.

28. Went dancing at Disney World with the best boyfriend in the whole world after the most amazing meal of my life. See. I told you I could do it.

29. Went to the midnight showings and book releases of the last two Harry Potter books/three movies I didn’t really get crazy into them until those last few were coming out. Then I was obsessed.

30. Write a consistent blog for a year. As of May 30, friends…this one is done too! I never could have imagined then where this blog would be now. It’s because of you that I am still here. Thank you.

What’s on your I-already-did-that Bucket List, Blog Friends? What’s on your To-do Bucket List?


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23 Responses

  1. #1 Could be done. Not yet, but looking to shread all the credit cards except one and a debit card. #6 Got you beat on this one! About 20 countries including Croatia, the Slovak Republic, Hungary, and gasp (!) England. #13 Met Jason Windsor, a pitcher who played for the Oakland Athletics for 4 games before he was sent back to the minor leagues and he signed a poster autographed to me. So there!

  2. Yeah they say “travel is broadening”. It’s also frustrating (stuck in your flight in the traffic pattern for 4 1/2 hours at JFK), funny, shocking (seeing the wall in Germany before it came down), and occasionally boring. Still, I say it’s well worth it unless you’re stuck with a bunch of working class Aussies on a commercial tour 😉

    1. sorry, posting while watching tv. that list is awesome. I just turned 30 and I am not really…. over it yet. I should make a list like that.

      1. LOL. No worries! You should definitely make a list like this. It helps. I’m still freaking out. A lot. But at least I know I’ve accomplished a lot in the meantime.

  3. This is a great list of accomplishments! I am impressed that you did some of them drunk too! Yet, 30 is young. Life is just starting and you will have so many kick ass experiences to come. Party on!

    1. Thank you so much! (I was drunk for a good portion of my 20’s)

      I can’t wait for the next round of experiences! (Preferably sober this time around…mostly…sometimes…)

      1. Chrissy I don’t usually like tattoos on women (too many cholas and cholos having them in So Cal) but in your case I’ll make an exception 😀 Nice leg btw and “Erin go braugh” from paddy Wayne. (all right, I’m only 1/2)

  4. Fucking AWESOME list! The Stone Henge thing made me snort. We have a lot in common. The student-teaching thing was a bitch. Only I was never President of anything. I’m guessing I never will be. You have so many amazing things you’ve done. The sand dollar thing was cool. Where was that? I found a shit-pile of them in Galveston after a tropical depression. They were furry though. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. And to answer your question, yes. I did invent the Red Box. It’s my new post. And the Abe Lincoln story is also true. I’ll write that one soon. Congratulations on your blog. I have an award coming your way. Very, very soon. 😉

    1. Thanks! I love making people snort! It would have been even funnier if you had snorted something out your nose…I’m just saying…

      The sand dollars were in Marco Island, Florida–that’s where Brian’s dad lives.

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