Weird and Wonderful Gifts for All the Weird and Wonderful People in Your Life

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Gifts for Weird and Wonderful Adults

The Hero’s Journal

This. Is. Amazing. This planner/adventure journal is the perfect thing for someone with ADHD who loves the idea of planners but can never stick to them or find just the right details and definitely doesn’t have the energy for building an entire bullet journal from scratch. Also great for people who love DnD, fantasy books and movies, board games and other nerdy ventures. Each page is undated (which is important for me, since I may go days or weeks without planning and then feel the need to jumpstart my planning and organizational skills), has a space for lists, a priority list for the things you really feel like you need to get done, a bullet journal area, a space for gratitude, a spot to list things threatening and/or helping your productivity, and a place to set an individual goal. You can use my code, Chrissy10 for 10% off your purchase as well.

The Hero’s Journal Legend of Istoria on Amazon $40

The Legend of Istoria on The Hero’s Journal $50 ($45 with coupon code, also a discount is offered by bundling products)

The Hero’s Journal Side Quest Deck

If you want a little bonus something something to go along with The Hero’s Journal or just a fun stocking stuffer, this side quest deck is awesome. With suggestions like “go clean your car” and “make something with your hands,” you can use this deck to be productive, even when you don’t feel like being productive. The cards are also super high quality, which is great for people like me who are irresponsible with just about everything made of paper.

Galaxy of Istoria Side Quest Deck $30

Hot Cherry Pillows

These are literally my favorite heat packs of all time. I have them in every size and shape and use them religiously. Short list of things I use them for: Cramps, back pain, migraines, warming up my feet and or hands when they feel like icicles, and warming up my bed before I crawl into it at night.

The cherry pits are a by-product of the Michigan tart cherry industry, and they’re cleaned and dried without chemicals. The denim is colored with natural dyes, and the pillows are sewn in Southern California. They’re absolutely the best both in product and environmental consciousness.

Hot Cherry Pillows on Amazon $24-$64

Hot Cherry Pillows on Hot Cherry Website $24-$68

Best Self Decks

These conversation starter decks are really interesting. With several different types of decks to encourage communication in relationships and social situations from intimacy decks to family decks to ice breaker decks, there’s something for everyone [who is interested in growing communication skills or communication within a relationship or family].

Best Self Decks on Amazon $12.50+

Best Self Decks on Best Self $10.50+

Cupping Device

The art of cupping was something I was unfamiliar with until recently. Sure, I’d seen the giant red marks on athletes at The Olympics for years, but I didn’t quite understand what it was. Apparently, these giant hickeys help lift fascia and encourage lymphatic drainage. (Note: I’m not a doctor or licensed or trained, and this is not medical advice. I’m just telling you what I love, and I think these are awesome). I don’t let them stay in one place, I use body butter to help them glide with suction along the fascia where my pain is and repeat. No red circles here.

Cupping Device on Amazon $15

Pill Case Organizer

These are literal lifesavers. When you’ve got meds that you need to take daily or multiple times a day and at different times a day, it becomes so much to remember…and to remember whether you took your meds or forgot. These help create a system that works. I of course like colorful ones, so this is my favorite one:

Weekly Pill Case on Amazon $10

Bubble Popper

These things are the best fidget toys for everyone. They are like popping bubble wrap but endlessly forever. We all love playing with them in this house. They’re great for kids and adults alike. But I’m putting them in the adults section, because I need to include at least one actual toy.

Bubble Popper on Amazon $7

Toys and Gifts for Kids

Looking for unique toys for kids that step out of the box a little bit? Here are some of our favorites.

Bumpas Weighted Plush Toys

These adorable plush creatures are like cuddle weights. There are 3 pounds of distributed weight in each Bumpa. They all have fun names like Shloof and Sprinx, and each is associated with a phrase like “always speak the truth” or “you are beautifully unique.” The arms are weighted so kids can wrap them around their shoulders like a big plushie hug. They’re soft and cuddly and therapeutic all at once. It’s pure magic.

Bumpas Plush Toys on Amazon $40-$130

Bumpas Plush Toys on Bumpas $40-$130

Bumpas Plush Toys on FAO Schwartz $30


These are the softest cuddliest creatures, and that isn’t even their best feature. Each Slumberkin has a name and personality and is associated with an emotion or developmental stage. They all have books and stories to help kids learn about and share their emotions and feelings. They were created by two women who specialized in therapy and special education respectively. They encourage emotional growth and learning, which is something I feel very strongly about as I raise my little dude to be a caring and empathetic individual who can share and express his own feelings. You can use my code CHRISSY10 to get a 10% discount on your order.

Slumberkins $13-$48

Kids Clean Car

Oh my god. This car is amazing. We found it at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair, and my niece could not get enough of it. Not only is it super fun for the kids, you can actually add a Swiffer-type component and task your precious minis to clean the floor as they scoot around on their sweet ride. I even have a promo code for you (30BAFOHE) to get 30% off through December 31! Everyone wins.

Kids Clean Car on Amazon $200 ($140 after coupon code)


I first learned about the Osmo when my girlfriend had littles. They all learned so much from their Osmo which is a combo of screen and tactile learning. While we tend to lean away from screens right now (and we have zero intention of  letting him have a phone for a VERY long time), it won’t be long before this little dude, who is already so fascinated by the screens he’s not allowed to watch, is using screens for learning in and out of school. 

Osmo on Amazon $40-$70

Pikler Triangle

Stormy has loved his climbing triangle since he was a little over a year old. I’m pretty sure he was climbing before he was walking. Now, he’s an old pro and climbs all the way to the top. Ours (a Piccalio) stores pretty easily, but Stormy will actually pull it out and try to assemble it himself (spoiler alert: this turns out to be a dangerous task and has definitely ended in tears, so I recommend if storing it, to do so where your child can’t reach it. Learn from me, friends).

Inexpensive Pikler Triangle on Amazon $80

Highly rated Pikler Triangle on Amazon $180

Sustainably Sourced and Ethical Manufacturing Pikler Triangle on Piccalio $350

Books for Kids

Love Monster Board Book (ages 1-4)

When my friend Megan’s son was tiny, she had this book. She texted me and said, “this book sounds like it was written by you.” I immediately added it to a secret Amazon wishlist of things I would get for my future child. Fast forward approximately 5 years later to late in pregnancy with Stormy, and I bought this book for him. As soon as I read it, it became one of my all-time favorite children’s books because, Megan was right! Down to the use of ellipses and the word choices, it could have absolutely been written by my writing twin. It’s perfect. And lovely.

Love Monster on Amazon $12

Don’t Be Mean to 13 (ages 3-10)

13 has always been my lucky number. one of my favorite days is Friday the 13th. If my sister hadn’t already done it about a decade before me, we’d probably have gotten married on a Friday the 13th. This book tackles an interesting topic in a way that makes sense for kiddos, and it does it so very well.

Don’t Be Mean to 13 on Amazon $15

Gifts for Parents of Tiny Children

These gifts can be addressed to the small children, but since those tiny humans don’t really understand Christmas or birthdays or gifts at all, really they’re for the parents. Alternatively, you can also just gift these to the parents because they’re amazing and every parent of toddler-age kids or younger should have them.

Busy Baby Mat

This is literally one of our favorite things that we got for Stormy. It is a food-grade silicone place mat and a play mat with tethers and accessories that make everything easier. We use it out at restaurants, when we’re eating at other people’s houses and don’t have a full high chair, we use it at the grocery store, and we haven’t done this yet, but apparently you can use it on an airplane tray. It has suction cups that hold it to the surface (they work better than most we’ve tried) and 4 slots for the tethers. The tethers can be used for drink cups, bottles, snack cups, utensils and even toys. It makes going out to eat so much easier. And we eat out a fair amount.

Busy Baby Mat on Busy Baby $30 (plus 25% off entire shop)

Busy Baby Gift Set on Busy Baby $65 (plus 25% off entire shop)

Busy Baby Ultimate Gift Set $85 (plus 25% off entire shop)

Chromecast and Google Home

Okay, so Chromecast was Brian’s number one suggestion when I asked him what he would gift to a parent that would help with tiny people. Okay, he would pair it with a Google Home/Nest Mini because my goodness the conveniences we’ve discovered! We use Google Home voice control for SO MUCH. We have one in the nursery to play music from Pandora. We can voice control lights and the TV, which is so helpful when you’re trapped under a baby’s cuddle or in the middle of changing a diaper and need more light or…my favorite, want to use it to get your child to willingly come running. “Hey Google, Play Ms. Rachel on YouTube on Front Room TV.” I have never seen a child run faster. It’s hilarious.

Google Chromecast on Amazon $38

Google Chromecast on Best Buy $38

Google Home/Nest Mini on Best Buy $50

Gifts for Teens

Wacom Drawing Tablet

This drawing tablet is so cool. It’s a screenless tablet that is used to capture your drawing and convert it to the screen of your laptop or desktop. The pressure-sensitive stylus gives it a more intuitive drawing experience than many tablet apps. This is the perfect gift for artsy teens who want to dabble or grow in graphic design.

Wacom Drawing Tablet on Amazon $40

S’mores Maker and Creekside Mallow S’mores Kit

What teen doesn’t love chocolatey marshmallow goodness? With an indoor s’mores maker, your teen can have s’mores any time of the year, and these gourmet marshmallows paired with graham crackers and individually wrapped chocolates elevate the experience.

Sharper Image S’mores Maker on Amazon $50

Heavy Duty Tabletop S’mores Maker on Amazon $30

Creekside Mallow S’mores Kit on REI $13

Creekside Mallow S’mores Kit on Creekside Mallow $13

Whew! That’s a lot of gift ideas! Want more ideas? Check out my previous gift guides or visit my Amazon store for lots of great gift giving ideas.

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