Birthday anxiety

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Good morning Blog Friends! My birthday is exactly one week away.


And I get serious birthday anxiety. I don’t know if that’s a thing or not, but if it is, I get it. If you haven’t been around here long, you probably don’t know that I’m definitely the Clark Griswold of my little world. I have high expectations for just about everything…which leads to serious disappointment most of the time.

So I haven’t made plans for the second anniversary of my 29th birthday. Because we’re going to a wedding on my birthday. And I share a birthday with Brian’s brother. And because life has been out of control and busy. Moving is hectic…moving everything into storage and living in someone else’s house is more hectic. Especially when the house feng shui doesn’t jive with your own personal OCD tendencies. But I digress.
All of that is actually OK. I’m excited about the wedding. Brian’s brother is awesome. And a hectic life? Means I’m getting shit done. And the house sitch? Hello, house hunting fun!

But birthday anxiety. That is a tricky one. I can’t quit that. Brian and my friends keep asking what I want to do. And telling me to throw a party. (Because I do throw a killer party). But I don’t wanna. I’m not in my own house. I don’t have time to cook or clean. And so I don’t have plans.

I wish I knew how to alleviate the birthday anxiety, but I suppose that is for a blog post in the future…one day. If I ever figure it out.


Do you get birthday anxiety? If you do, how do you deal with it? What’s the best part of your birthday?

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  1. I suggest that you go down to the local Veteran’s Cemetery and put a few flowers on people graves if you have time. I wouldn’t suggest watching the National Commemoration on the tube and hearing Obama trying to persuade Vets how much he appreciates their sacrifice. He doesn’t and the Vet Hospital scandal proves it. Happy Birthday btw.

  2. I beat cancer three times in my life so no I do not get anxiety on my birthday. Celebrate your life, every day is a gift. Mark your milestones with joy and love. What should you do? You can always start the day by calling your mom and thank her for your life. You can tell your boyfriend how much you love him. You can make a toast to yourself because you have lived to see another day. I wish you joy. :o)

  3. Do you get birthday anxiety?-Nope, not really. I have started to feel old though

    What’s the best part of your birthday? I love that I can guilt my children into not fighting for one glorious day

    What should I do for my birthday? Do something you’ve never done before or go somewhere new. OR, go someplace you like, but you usually don’t go to because Brian doesn’t like it. And make him go with you πŸ™‚

    Happy Birthday!!!

  4. I get birthday anxiety. I purposely try not to do things on my birthday because I’m ALWAYS disappointed. Instead, I spend the day by myself with my dog, my bike, the sunshine and a drink. Then I let whatever happens happen. You should have a Chrissy day. OR spend the day with your mom…she did a lot of work on your birthday…she should be celebrated for that…she gave us you!

  5. I don’t really get birthday anxiety any more, but ask me again in a few years when I’m turning 40. I think you should write some of your very favorite things to do on small pieces of paper, throw them in a box and give it to your boyfriend. He can then pick out a few and make your day fun!

  6. I thought I would have anxiety the older I got but I haven’t. I’m a little worried about 45 but I have a couple of years to deal with it yet. I think as you get older you should do something for your b day youve never done, my plan is to go canoeing or tubing this year.

    1. Oh! Canoeing is SO much fun! And tubing is even better (less work)! Brian suggested horseback riding. I think I might do it. (There’s a place 5 minutes from our house)

  7. I have zero birthday anxiety. Being born on December 24th you basically come to terms really early on with the fact that your birthday will be forgotten, ignored for bigger holiday stuff and generally not a priority. I’m thrilled when people actually wish me happy birthday….on my birthday.

  8. i do not get birthday anxiety because I treat it as a celebration of life and am grateful for all my years spent here. Spending your Birthday counting the blessings in your life is a great way to ease anxiety

  9. I used to get birthday anxiety… bad. More like birthday depression. Then I realized that every single year is better than the last and take me further from whatever stupid thing I did within the last 12 months. Now I love my birthday πŸ˜‰

    Happy early to you!

    1. Thanks! And I used to get pretty bad birthday depression…Now it’s just anxiety about expectations and shit. I’m working on it. Brian’s very patient with me. Thank God for that.

  10. Um yes! I get massive birthday anxiety. Usually I handle it with alcohol and highly caloric foods… The best part of my birthday is that I lived another year and I feel like I’m being given another chance to do all the things on my bucket list before the next birthday rolls around. For your birthday you should just do the thing that makes you the happiest all day long!

  11. Happy birthday again. I am a June 1st baby and I got birthday anxiety this year too! So as a “I am going to be 41 and FABULOUS” gift to me I cut my hair off and dyed it black and purple. cause well why not! Hope you have a super weekend!!!!!

  12. I don’t get anxiety. But my favorite part of my birthday is that my husband and I usually go out to dinner. Suggestions for you: something fun that makes you feel beautiful, like a manicure or hair appointment.

    1. Yes! I totally got my hair done the night before my birthday and then a pedi on my birthday. It was great. πŸ™‚ Brian and I went to dinner last night and that was lovely as well.

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