When I like like someone, I internet stalk them

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As we began our story last week, I met a couple of dudes in a bar and they invited me on a trip to Ireland. Just like that… And I considered it for a hot minute. And then fucking logic set in… “But probably not. I don’t even know you guys!” When I like like someone, I internet stalk themBright and Shiny was all, “Well give me your number just in case. Maybe we’ll all hang out again sometime or something. And then we won’t be strangers.” So I gave him my number. I was having a good time with these guys…maybe I would end up going to Ireland with them. Maybe I would get to hang out with them again. The brooding handsome guy didn’t say much…but he seemed really smart, and when he did speak, I’m sure he had very interesting things to say. I just don’t remember. But as they were leaving the bar, he asked for my email address instead of my number. “Uhhh sure.” I rattled it off to him. Within 5 minutes, he sent me a very simple email with his full name, the day of the week we met, and the bar. So I got a number and an email address in one night. As a single, carefree 20-something, I thought it was a pretty successful evening. Even if I was way more interested in Handsome than Bright and Shiny. Before any of us left the bar, I let my beer respond to Handsome’s email with, “you’re adorable.” And I meant it. (Yes, I emailed him while I was sitting across from him. Don’t judge me. That guy did it first!) Handsome didn’t read my email right away, and if he did, he didn’t let on. He was attractive and smart. He had a job. He didn’t live with his parents (or anyone else’s parents). He seemed…like a grown-up. And I had been dating a lot of non-grown-ups. I decided then that I was interested in him. Apparently, the bartender, my girlfriend, could also tell I was into him before I knew it. She thought it was hilarious. After they left, she came up to me and teased me for my awkward flirting. So I did what I always did when I was interested in a dude. I went home and proceeded to internet stalk the shit out of him. I  Googled his name. And searched for him on Facebook. And MySpace. And anywhere I could possibly find him on the internet. I searched by his name. His e-mail address. Everything. Anything. Every detail he had provided the night before. I was a woman on a mission. And he was a fucking ghost. I was intrigued. Who doesn’t have a Facebook?

Do you vet potential dates on the internet before going out with them? Did you ever meet someone at a bar? How do/did you check out potential dates before going out with them? Who is this guy? Did I date him? Is this another story of unrequited crazy?

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  1. I don’t have Facebook. Too many people in my past that should always be in the past. I know, I know everyone says you don’t accept the friend request blah,blah,blah. I don’t have Facebook and I don’t want it. I get it, totally.

    1. You have no idea what you are missing.not only do you not friend them if they request, they have to be looking for you to request you…maybe they want you to stay in their past!!! Ha, LOL!

  2. Facebook wasn’t yet a thing when I met my husband, though I TOTALLY stalked him on the college student directory and puzzled as to his middle name given the initial “P.” Of course, when we found out my SIL was dating someone new, we TOTALLY stalked him like crazy. He passed inspection. He’s my BIL now.

      1. LOL yeah, I think he was creeped out when I was like “uh, is your middle name Patrick?” On some level I knew that if the P stood for any other name things just wouldn’t work out. But all was well.

  3. I don’t go to great lengths to stalk them but I will do a basic Facebook search. Which I’m glad I do. That’s how I found out the last guy that asked me out and I had coffee with had just been dumped by his Fiance of 2 years because she found out he had another girlfriend on the side. I didn’t walk away from that one, I ran screaming.

    1. Hahahaha!

      You’re so right. It’s amazing what we now have at our fingertips. Of course, then there are people like this Handsome guy…who don’t seem to have social media at all!

  4. I always stalk the people I want to date on the internet, but then I’m married, so it kind of stops there. Going on to the next post.

  5. Yes! Yes! YES! I was wondering where we were going with this “grown up” story…. I wondered because sometime in the last 3 years a coworker and I went to lunch. As we were getting ready to leave she had to dash to the restroom so I hung out. This man with silvering hair started hitting on me. Like you said he was handsome, confident, and smart and obviously had a job and didn’t live with his or anyone’s parents. In fact, he probably had a mortgage and a retirement plan. I completely freaked out, “This man is mistaking me for a grown up!!!!!!!!” LOL! Not to say I don’t have my own job and live with my parents because I have a job, an apartment and even a retirement plan but I don’t feel like a grown up. I should mention I’m in my 40’s. Grown ups are scary.

    1. The Grown Up mistook me for a grown up for far too long. By the end of the saga, I’m pretty sure he figured it out…you’re so right though. Grown Ups are very scary.

  6. Oh, and I never stalked people on the internet or FB when I was dating. I’m not sure I ever really did anything anyone would call “dating.” The internet wasn’t even a thing and FB not even a gleam in Zucker’s eye… hell, he probably wasn’t even born.

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