Stop with the Jamberry groups, already

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Julep Nail Polish for Sally Skellington Nails

2023 Update: The world changed drastically when Covid hit, and I just can’t help but blame (or thank) the fine folks from Jamberry and Younique for putting this system into place. I’ve hosted and bought from many a Facebook parties (they’re temporary groups now and Facebook is better about group invites being invites and not auto-joins, which feels…better). So basically, this post is dated, but it was a thing, so I’m keeping it here for posterity. 

Dear Jamberry sales reps. (And Younique Eyelash peddlers. And essential oil people. And rando jewelry consultants),

I get, I really do. I’m obsessed with my nails too. I paint them a couple times a week. I have a bit of a Julep problem. And sure, I share my findings with you on occasion…but I’m not force feeding it down your throat. I don’t think, anyways…

Gratuitous nail photo: The spring nails that brought the Chicago spring snow
Gratuitous nail photo: The spring nails that brought the Chicago spring snow

When you find something you like, you want to share it with the world. I totally understand. And while in-home selling parties are so passe (don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to throw annual Pampered Chef parties, y’all), Facebook parties are the it thing.


The thing about throwing a party, though, is that people who are invited to parties know they’re invited and can…wait for it…decline before they’re spam tagged with a million posts about how great Jamberry, Younique, and whatever else you’re shilling is. This isn’t just about Jamberry. This about any consultant sales company that is training consultants to use Facebook groups instead of event invitations to sell their shit. Talk about taking high-pressure sales to the max.

I very deliberately join groups that are interesting and beneficial to me. I’m involved in some amazing groups of bloggers, women, and local discussions. Groups in which I chose to be a part of. I didn’t choose to join your press-on nail or mascara group, because I’m not interested.

Now, if you were to invite me to an event, I may browse and discover the product is not for me, and then easily decline the invitation. I may also realize that I love the product which I’ve done with those fabulous Thirty-One bags (okay they’re like…the best bags for games and Sam’s Club shopping ever). You could invite me to a real party where I get to see or try the product (and you feed me…and you booze me up) and discover that I love them or I’ve had enough wine to think that $50-$100 is an acceptable shopping budget. Because I may buy a few things and help you earn free stuff with my purchase. I’m happy to do so, when I’ve been properly invited (digitally totally counts, y’all) and not automatically added to a group of every. Single. Person. You know.

The fastest way to get me to ignore your stuff, my friends? Is to add me to a group so your consultant can swoon and tell me how much I’m going to help you get free stuff. Every. Flippin’. Hour.

I know I’m not the only one, either. I’ve heard and seen a lot of complaints from friends and peers. This is not a good sales technique, kids.

Gratuitous nail photo: That's right. I painted Animal on my nail to match the BandAid on the other thumb.
Gratuitous nail photo: That’s right. I painted Animal on my nail to match the BandAid on the other thumb.

I get it, though. You love your jams and you want everyone else to love them, as well. And you know what? Your nails look totally adorable. But those things aren’t for me. I LIKE spending the time it takes to paint my nails. It’s therapeutic. I like that even with my quasi-expensive nail polish, I’m still spending way less money than it would cost to change my nails as often as I do if I were using Jamberry. I like that I can flex my creative muscles with color combos and designs. It’s a thing, okay?

Gratuitous nail photo
Gratuitous nail photo

When I host product parties (I used to be a consultant for Tastefully Simple and love me some Pampered Chef), there are snacks. There’s liquor and wine and beer. There’s laughter. If it’s a digital party, there’s an easy opt-out button that allows you to say, “thanks but no thanks” and then notifications stop without feeling like you have to explain why you are leaving a group.

So do everyone you love and respect a favor. If you’re a consultant for one of these companies, stick with events and not groups. If you’re hosting one of these parties and you want me to buy stuff? Invite me to an event. Whether it’s a digital party or you’re hosting something at your place (and there are snacks and wine? even better!), I’m more likely to consider buying something.

Jamberry Groups

Come on, guys, fess up. What really irks you about these parties? Do you hate being added  to groups as much as I do? Do you love these parties? Are you addicted to the Jams? Or the crazy eyelashes? Or the scented oils? Now, let’s end on a positive note – What home parties can’t you get enough of?

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You are not alone

It’s hard to be light and funny when your entire Facebook feed is congested with posts stating, unapologetically, “Me too.” Some posts just two words,

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  1. All of my cousins (and I have many–I come from an Irish Catholic family) and my sister are doing these groups for jamberry and that stupid owl origami uber cheapo, kitschy jewelry. Ugh!! And while I don’t consider myself socially challenged, it feels really awkward to leave those groups. Do I need to send a follow up message, “Thanks for thinking of me but I wouldn’t wear that gaudy necklace in a million years,” or should I risk giving no explanation for my self-removal, and just hope they don’t think I hate them?

    1. OMG! It feels so awkward! “Ummm…sorry…not my style.” It’s so much easier to decline an invitation! I check my “groups” regularly now in the groups page on Facebook and delete anything that isn’t relevant to my life. Read: ALL THE SELLING SHIT.

  2. Yeah- this Jamberry gig is everywhere these days!! I have only been ‘invited’ to fb groups and such though. BUT- I have been thrown into FB groups unknowing to ME, on many occasions. I feels a bit weird, sometimes pushy, often calculated. So I politely click on the little button that says “Get me out of here” and be done with it. 🙂 Went over to my groups and had NO IDEA people had added me to so many!! What? How did THAT happen? I had to disconnect from about 30 different groups that so ‘lovingly’ added me to their cause. Hmm… Sometimes that “Leave group” button is a site to behold.

  3. I was added to one…twice. Both times I left the group and the second time I clicked the button that said to prevent others from adding me o the group.

    While I have nothing against Jamberry, it just isn’t my jam. (See what I did there?) Most of the stuff like that (Avon, Mary Kay, et al) isn’t. On occasion I do buy from a friend who is an MK specialist but she’s never pushy about it. If she was, I’d probably be saying, “BYE FELICIA!”


  5. I hate to get added to ANY group without my permission. One day, I was looking at Facebook and someone had added me to like 6 different parenting groups. Also, I am SO tired of being sold to on facebook. I have very few (maybe 3) actual selling pages that I like. I expect those pages to show me product and be focused on selling shit. I’m tired of looking at Friends pages and seeing nothing but product and hyped up bull shit. If I see one more post that says “this weight loss system boosted my energy and my mood! I don’t have to take my depression meds anymore” I’m going to have a fit. And then I get added to parties. I don’t want to digitally attend your party. I don’t want to be forced to digitally attend your party. I don’t care what you’re selling, I’m not going to buy it anyway.

    I don’t like the Jamberry nails. they don’t seem to fit me right and I’m not spending 15 bucks on them. I know an etsy store that sells wraps AND adorable nail stickers for 5 bucks. And she doesn’t pester me on facebook!

    (Wow, I got ranty today)

    1. I occasionally do ads on my Facebook, but I try to vary it with lots of my normal shit and the an ad here or there. I agree with the Jamberry stuff, they aren’t right for my nails and they’re so not cheap!

      1. Eh I’ve seen your ad’s on facebook. They are pretty quiet. And, since you’re a public figure, I had already figured I’d see at least a couple of them.

  6. UGH I hate it when people try to sell me stuff! And yes, this includes those jamberry groups (I NEVER paint my fingernails, just my toenails), any kind of makeup or jewelry AND any kind of fitness program they are currently doing. It sucks because I love my friends and want them to be successful, I just don’t want their junk!

    1. Lol. I agree. I always felt so bad when I was a Tastefully Simple consultant and they expected you to constantly pester friends to buy and host parties. I was like, it’s out there. If you want to do the Tastefully Simple thing with me, cool. If not, cool.

  7. I completely HATE getting these invites. And as much as I love pretty nails, I can’t seem to hang onto a manicure for more than a day before it starts to chip. Then I spend a month looking at crappy nails that look worse than just plain. Aren’t I just a party pooper? But I get the irritation. Drives me nuts too.

    1. Haha! Mine last about two to three days (although the Julep can sometimes get me through a week if I’m super careful which I’m usually not). But I paint them while I binge watch TV with Brian :).

  8. I completely agree. I love doing my nails so people assume I’ll like Jamberry. No. That shit is tacky and not my style.

    Also, I hate being added to groups without my consent. I know I invite people to like my page often, but the key word is “invite”. No one is added without prior knowledge, and they can decline if they want.

  9. AMEN! I have like four-hundred Jamberry invites from 20 friends! I’m a good old fashioned painter too. I’m convinced these companies threaten people’s first born if they don’t spam the shit out of people.

  10. I had someone tag me in a photo/post selling her weight loss whatever it is that she’s selling. Could I stand to lose a few (or a lot) of pounds? Yes. Do I want to be freaking tagged so that it shows up in my feed for anyone who is my friend to see? Hell, no! I was so annoyed.

  11. It’s just bad sales. Period. I did this kind of a business for 8 years, and we did events with booze and fun and good information, and…wait for it…willing guests. I didn’t force people to shop with me. That never works, and it gives me, my company, and sales in general a bad name! This whole Facebook Online Event thing is SO IRRITATING!

    1. YES. To all of that. I was a Tastefully Simple consultant for like 2 years (I wasn’t very active about it, but when I threw a party, there was more booze than food and there was a LOT of food. And information. And fun.) Stupid Facebook.

  12. I’m a Jamberry rep and I 100% agree with this! Being added to groups without permission is the WORST. I stress to my team to ONLY do events where guests can decline the invitation. I’m a golden rule girl; don’t add me to your weird groups and I won’t add you to any, either. Plus, the people adding others to groups without permission are running a much higher risk of being marked as spam and getting thrown into FB jail, which will effectively hal lock then out of FB for a few hours to weeks.

    1. Omigosh! Thank you SO MUCH for commenting. I think that’s a perfect way to run your business. I didn’t even know the groups were against Facebook policy until someone mentioned it to me earlier this week.

      1. Yes, it’s truly giving the industry a bad name and causing all sorts of problems.

        I also very rarely post stuff on my personal page, you know why? Because that’s what my business page is for! My regular friends don’t care and if they do, they’ve already expressed an interest. I invite people in my events to like my business page and it’s totally up to them if they want to receive the information. I’m not going to hold anyone hostage in a group because that’s bad for my reputation as both a human and a sales person!

        Point: groups are annoying and should not be used for direct sales parties.

        Le sigh, end rant.

        1. You sound like my kinda girl. I’m with you all the way. I try not to even peddle my blog too much to my friends/family. That’s why I have a Facebook page (and a profile) for my blog. If they want to follow me, they know they’ll be inundated with my blog personality. If they don’t, I’m not going to bug them about it. 🙂

  13. I sell pampered chef but I have NEVER EVER made a party a group. It bothers me when people do it to me. Sometimes I have no idea who even added me the the silly group! The few Facebook parties I’ve done have been events only.

  14. I am a Jamberry consultant. The Facebook parties work because a lot of people ditch the in home parties. Sometimes people are tired at the end of the day and don’t want a bunch of people in their home.
    I agree you shouldn’t be thrown into anything randomly and without your knowledge. Good consultants ask their hostess to individually message everyone on their list (no more than 50 people) and tell them a bit about Jamberry and why they thought of that person.
    We use “groups” on Facebook because the “events” don’t provide us with the same tools.
    Also these consultants shouldn’t be posting anymore then 5-7 times per day. Although sometimes we have to post more to provide you with deals, answer questions, and provide enough information you to understand the product and get the most of it.
    Not all of us are pushy sales people looking to screw you over. At least that’s not how I run my business.

    1. I applaud your model for running your business.The way you describe it seems like a solid way to do it, but that’s not what has ever happened when I’ve been added to a group. And I’ve been added to dozens.

  15. Jamberry is only new here in NZ, it launches next month and I’ve signed up to sell. I will totally NOT be spamming or creating groups instead of events for parties. Sure I’m going to invite most friends to my launch party on FB that are from out of town but after that I sure don’t want to annoy them with post after post. If they decide to become customers awesome but damn I’d rather keep my good friends than alienate them all by bribing them or guilting them into buying just to get me off their backs. I totally agree, it’s rude as hell to bombard people (friends or not) with links to buy, none of them continually post links to their place of work so why should I? No means No.

  16. I am a Thirty One consultant and I prefer not to spam my personal page with post. I created a group to share specials, do give aways, let people know of new products and get my message out there. I don’t just post 31 everything and I don’t even post every day. I added about 1/5 of my friends list, just ladies I thought would be interested and it’s a closed group. I did so so that anyone not interested could leave the group and not be spammed the crap out of just because we were friends. I have one friend that became a consultant for another company and her post are nonstop, and rude. They come across as telling people they are horrible fat lazy people if they aren’t buying her product from HER and they will always be poor and be jealous of all the stuff she will be able to buy if they don’t join HER team. Too much for me. I never take offense if someone leaves my group and no comment is needed. You can also click a button when you leave a group that stops anyone from being able to add you back. And I totally agree- Thirty One bags are amazingggggg!!!

    1. I think the biggest problem for me, and the reason I wrote about it, is that it’s not like I have just one or two friends who’ve done it. At one point, I had to remove myself from 15 groups in a single day. More than once. With event invites, I can ignore them and don’t have to do anything for it to eventually go away, and I’m not inundated with messages in my newsfeed.

  17. Thank you for this. I too am a Jamberry consultant and I am very new to all of this. I have a script to use to guide my online parties and it is designed for the Facebook group format. I just started my first online party last night and I felt really awful having my hostess add her friends without their permission. I will definitely do events from now on.

  18. I am also a Jamberry consultant, and I use groups for parties, but I stress toy hostess that they need to individually message their friends inviting them to the party and to not add them without their permission. I like the tools that the groups give us and I like being able to keep the group there so anyone who wanted to be in it can still come back to view the posts they found informative afterwards. I have a group I invite people to join to keep informed in tips, current specials, new products, giveaways, etc. but I don’t just add anyone and my upline stresses to invite not add without permission.

    1. Well, in my opinion, as long as you’re inviting (by asking before adding to the group), that’s fine. I’ve just been burned too many times being added to dozens of groups that I have zero interest in.

      1. I would like to say I’m sorry that has happened to you, and everyone else who has had this problem. It is not how I want my company perceived that way, and I know HO doesn’t want that either.

  19. I have to be honest I am a jamberry consultant but no way no how do I use groups for my parties!! I do not want to bother 300 people that my hostess has added I only want to share the information with people that genuinely are interested. Makes me made that consultants are using groups just because it gives us all a bad name I think.

  20. I feel like a lot of Jamberry consultants are going against a LOT of rules that Jamberry HQ sets. (Yeah I sell Jamberry. I love them. No you don’t have to)
    Hostesses are NOT suppose to add 100s of people to their group parties. And they ARE suppose to send individual PMs to every partygoer she is inviting BEFORE the party even starts. That way they have the option of opting out. I also try to get samples into everyone’s hands before I throw them into a party, because I don’t want to talk about something they have NEVER SEEN!
    I have SO many issues trying to find materials I can use and finding things that are AGAINST THE RULES. Ofcourse, Jamberry is a giant group of thousands of women. We can’t expect HQ to do anything about these crazy ladies that are pushing wraps down your throat.
    We have been receiving a LOT of politely worded videos from HQ about acting appropriately and presenting the company in the best way possible. Unfortunately, not everyone watches these videos, or cares. They just see $$$$

  21. It makes me sad that SO many specifically teach their consultants to instruct hostesses to add anyone and everyone. I sell Younique and I go back and forth between groups and events because there are pros and cons to each. BUT when I do a party in a group, I tell my hostesses to privately message the people they want to add and get the ok BEFORE adding them to the group. A lot of times tho, they don’t listen and randomly add people anyways. Which is frustrating because it makes ME look bad as well as themselves. We’re not all pushy spammers, I promise! Lol Sometimes our hostesses just get over zealous. (As do many presenters/consultants) On a side note: thank you for writing this with a bit of sass and getting your point across without bashing us presenters. It never feels good to be bashed and judged solelybased on what so many do. I will continue to teach my team to party the right way by always always always getting permission before adding people to groups. 🙂

    1. I think it’s really cool to take charge of your business in the right way. I was a shitty consultant for Tastefully Simple (because I’m terrible in sales and always felt guilty asking people to buy things), so I have a ton of respect for people who do it well without spamming (and I know now that there are a lot of you). I absolutely understand loving a product and being excited about it. So thank you for coming by and leaving a comment. I appreciate hearing from people and making this a dialogue so much.

  22. Soo, as a Jamberry consultant, I have to say: THANK YOU! Because for starters, not all guests are honest with their consultants and they say nothing at all. So many times what they think is working – because of the few customers who love group parties – they have no idea how annoying it is. Now let me just tell you, I was using groups for parties because that’s how my upline team was doing theirs but I found myself beyond annoyed with them. The constant posts the notifications amd then I thought, jeez if I am annoyed I will bet guests are too. Plus when we ask hostesses to keep the party intimately small and they add over 150 guests it will make everyone who is involved go crazy. I have switched up my game and moved to event parties. I haven’t had much guidance here but I came up with my own plan from researching.. host parties in events, set a one hour party for a specific date and time for the actual party, only post 2 times a day a week leading up to the party for informational purposes. So again, thanks for voicing what millions others haven’t and let me also say I totally get it!!

  23. Absolutely agree, so glad I found this blog. I am a Jamberry consultant but joined mostly because I like the product and thought “hey I get a discount on products i already buy, why not!”. I have set up a business FB page but refuse to set up a group, I don’t want to add all my friends to it or beg them to join and I certainly don’t want to hassle them to buy a product if they dont want to. I post once every few days on my business page and from that my interested friends have come to me to purchase and tell their friends etc. I haven’t done a facebook party and I havent done anything inhouse, mostly because I hate when i’m invited to them and feel like I have to buy stupid expensive plastic containers because I want my friend to get her hostess drink bottle and salad spinner *sigh*

    I’ll never get rich off of it but if I have a little bit of play money occasionally, hey that works for me,

  24. I am a Jamberry consultant. I use group parties. At the very beginning as I am setting everything up I post an intro and tell people that if they don’t want to be included they can remove themselves with no hard feelings. I totally get it. I don’t like to see tons of posts either.I only post a few per day as to not overwhelm anyone.

  25. First of all, thank you for stating your opinion without being hateful to the people who have chosen to do Direct Sales for whatever reason. I have seen so many posts where bloggers are shouting about how all DS companies are just a scam, how we are all brainwashed cult members, etc. You on the other hand made your point without making ME feel bad about myself. I also want to thank those who responded. No bash-fest here, everyone was treated with respect so thank you!

    You may have guessed, I too am a Jamberry Consultant and have been for a year and a half now. I also use groups because as someone else stated, events just don’t have the same tools. If they could put the same invitation system on groups that they have for events, where people can join or decline, I would totally be in heaven!! I won’t restate all the things others have said about hostesses not always following our advice and messaging first or keeping numbers low…but I can say I feel ya! I will admit that when I first started, it was Jamberry, Jamberry, Jamberry all OVER my personal page. Now…yeah…I slip a few pics of my nails in there…but honestly, it isn’t a “Buy These From Me” kind of thing…it is more of a “OK…these I LOVE” thing. No different than someone who has gone to the salon showing off their nails. I figure at this point, if someone wants more info on how my nails look that way, they will ask (and they have!) The reason I think I used my personal page so much in the beginning was because 1) I didn’t know any better and 2) I hadn’t thought to use OTHER social media tools. Now, I have a Biz Page on FB, I did form a VIP group where people are added only AFTER they tell me they want to be, and I use my blog (which auto posts to my Biz Page) almost exclusively for advertising. The people that find my blog get there because they have searched for something that pulls my blog up in the search and I feel good knowing that the people who find me were LOOKING for me, ya know? Do I ever share from my Biz page to my personal page? Yes…but not every single post, and not every single day.

    Just please know, if any of you EVER find yourselves added to one of my parties without permission by an excited hostess, you can remove yourself without an explanation or excuse at any time and I am fine with that. In fact, MOST DS Consultants that I know would be. If they aren’t…then they are probably in the wrong business and if it makes you feel better, probably won’t be doing it for long. I also promise you that if you decide to stay, I won’t be sending you friend requests (but I will accept yours!) just so I can spam you with PM’s later. If I DO send you a request, it is because you and I clicked and I genuinely LIKE you and want to keep in touch! I have made so many new friends in Jamberry parties…and many of them have never purchased a single thing…and that is cool too! Those people are my friends, not potential $$$ to me. If they DO decide to purchase, YAY! If not, that’s OK too!

  26. rst, you don’t have to explain leaving a group, nobody can even see if you leave the group. Or, even more simple, just click the hide notifications and you won’t see a single post. Also, “kid” if it wasn’t a good sales technique, the top sellers making $100,000+ salaries wouldn’t recommend it. The time you took to write this was a waste, all you had to do was leave the group, only takes literally 1 second.

    1. As evident by the 30 some odd other people who’ve commented here and the amount of traffic that comes to this post in particular, I wouldn’t say the time I took to write my well-thought opinion and feelings on my blog was a waste of time. Ever. And if you’re going to call me, “kid,” feel free to explain why you literally put it in quotes, because that made little sense to me.

      And to your final point, just like with leaving a group, it literally takes one second to click delete on a spam message, but that doesn’t mean I want to see it in my inbox or social media accounts.

  27. I agree with you on many of your points – unfortunately what you may not realize is that Facebook has made it almost impossible to conduct fun events electronically! I am a consultant, so i am doing parties on Facebook and IRL regularly and FB has limited the number of posts that can be added per day/event. If you exceed that number then you get your account frozen for a set amount of time – FB jail. As I’m sure you would understand – that is horrible for running an online business. The groups do not have the same posting restrictions – so if we run a party asking for anyone to post a photo of something they like, etc then we don’t get shut down. I would much prefer to run events only because even though I ask my hostess to personally message everyone that they invite to the group and make sure they are interested in attending, it doesn’t always happen and then people get upset!
    I get added to groups constantly and I just remove myself, it’s super easy, same as declining an invitation in my eyes. Please understand a lot of consultants try to not be spammy or annoying but we are also having to work within a more and more restrictive environment on FB.

  28. I hate being added to Jamberry parties the MOST! I used to have this friend who became obsessed with Jamberry after she won a prize from a friend’s party. Then she started throwing parties every month because she wanted to be a consultant! I am a licensed cosmetologist and take pride in my nail art although I specialize in hair and makeup and yet, she’d still try to push me into buying that! I even told her that I wasn’t going to buy them because it’d look very unprofessional of me to wear nail wraps while at work because it’s like saying I don’t know how to do my job.

    I’m going to paint my clients’ nails like a mini canvas, not throw some sticker onto them! Plus those things are overpriced for what they are. A lot of my clients like to come in once a week or every other week for something new and Jamberry messes up your nail beds. “No nail tech will know how to do metallic cheetah!” Uh… Yeah, we do. Cheetah and leopard spots are one of the first things we learn in nail art and there’s this thing that’s been trending for a while now. It’s called metallic nail polish.

  29. Glad I found this, I just recently joined Younique, mainly to take my mind off other things and do something for myself. I created a group only for VIP customers I added 62 of my family and friends who I thought would enjoy beauty tips etc. I had 2 people leave, both were family members and guess what we still talk! One even ended up buying the bb cream lol they just didn’t want the regular deals and tips which is fine. Others love my tips :D. I have only hosted one party and I chose to do an event because I try really hard not to be the spammy, look at me type. However I was thinking about doing my next as a group because one of my team members swears by it and she is raking in the sales??? But now that I have read this it reminded me of how bad I really don’t want to be this sales person who forces Younique products, I try to be honest about them, but I will admit it does seem to hinder your sales. Had anyone else noticed this?

  30. I’m a Jamberry consultant, and I’m currently trying to improve my online party strategy by making them less annoying for people who don’t want to be involved…I always try to maintain a policy of NOT employing any sales practices that I would be annoyed to be on the receiving end of. So I’m considering switching to Facebook events over Facebook groups…the only problem with this is that Facebook groups are a much better model for running parties due to the way Facebook algorithms work. Whenever I run a party I start out by giving instructions for how to leave the group for anyone who isn’t interested. I’ll post these instructions twice towards the beginning of the party, just so everyone has a chance to see them…but I have a feeling most people still don’t, because I usually end up with a lot more people in the party than are actually participating. I would prefer to ONLY have people who are actually interested in the group, because that way no one’s time has to be wasted and the party is much more successful!

    So, questions: Do you still find it annoying to be added to a group party if instructions are given as to how to leave the party? Personally I think this is better than an event, because with an event the hostess can actually keep tabs on who is declining the invitation. With a group, there’s no way to track this other than to realize that certain people you added are no longer in the group. Would it be less annoying to have the hostess message you and invite you to the party? I’ve thought about doing it this way, but I feel like that’s too pushy…I personally would rather be added to a group that I can leave, than receive a message from an acquaintance telling me all about why I should join her party for this great new product. But maybe I’m in the minority!

    Oh, and as for your comment about being invited to a real party where you can see or try the product…if you’re being invited to Jamberry parties where the consultant does NOT offer samples, they’re doing it wrong! I would have never participated in the first Jamberry party I was invited to last year, ended up making an order, or decided to join as a consultant if it weren’t for the free sample that was offered! I even scoffed when I first was invited to the party, because there was no way I was going to spend money on these nail stickers without ever getting to try the product, especially when nothing had lasted on my nails for more than a day since I was pregnant with my daughter. So, imagine my surprise when the sample that I got lasted a whole two weeks…until I took it off to apply more! I don’t really see how Jamberry parties can work without mailing out samples, since most people have never tried the product and there for don’t see the point in purchasing them.

    Anyway, sorry for the super long comment! I would love to hear your thoughts on my questions, and any other input you can think of for how to run my parties in a way that isn’t pushy for the people who aren’t that interested! 🙂

    1. So for me, yes, I do find it annoying to be added to a group (and honestly, that’s any group, not just Jamberry), because I carefully choose which groups (and I am a member of many groups) I want to be a part of. If someone wants me to buy products so they can earn free products, I much prefer to enjoy some quality time with them at an in-home party than sitting on Facebook. I don’t see the benefit of that. Additionally, I don’t think acquaintances should be inviting you to these parties regardless. But I may just be in the minority. The biggest thing, though, is that having Facebook group “parties” is against Facebook policies, so there’s no reason so many people should be doing it. And as far as the algorithm, if someone wants to be at the “party,” they’ll be there, in the group at the designated time. And no one has to worry that they’re missing something. I don’t know, I know that people argue in circles about everything Facebook related, and I totally get it. I think it’s getting better. I hope it continues. I totally just rambled, and I’m not even sure it makes sense. I’ve been traveling 4 out of the last 7 days. I genuinely wish you luck with your business, and hope that you figure out something that works for you.

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