Falling on black ice in a back alley isn’t exactly my idea of a great night

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wintery alley at night
If you aren’t caught up, go ahead and read about the original knee sprain when I made the mistake of going skiing without health insurance. Go ahead. I’ll wait. You’re back? Great. Let’s continue. So I went home for the rest of winter break, and hobbled my uninsured ass around for 2 weeks. Upon my return to the great state of Bradley, I was forced by my physical therapist one of my besties who was a physical therapy major to go to the health center. This is where I received “free” medical care and crutches. They set me up with my first of many physical therapists (a legit one, who taught at the Bradley PT school) and I was on my way to a not-so-speedy recovery. Let me reiterate this to you with a few key points
  • College Campus
  • College Student
  • LOTS of alcohol
  • Crutches
  • Winter
  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Death Snow
  • Death Ice
  • Stubborn ass Pole
Is the picture becoming a little bit clearer? So I was finally off the crutches, some time in early March. I was healing. I was walking without assistance. I still had some pain, but the sprain, per say, was healed. One of my roommates was singing in a choir thing, so we went to go support her. I had to leave early in order to attend an Alpha Phi Omega meeting (I was a vice-president at the time, and needed to make my presence known to all the little pledgies. I was might still feel very self-important.) The music hall was off campus, and a few blocks away. It was dark, and icy… You can see where this may be going. I was crossing an alley covered in black ice…and lost control. I slipped. I tried to re-balance myself, but I overcompensated and pulled my knee out of line. At which point, I, not only re-sprained the knee, I fell on my ass. And to make matters worse, there was a car coming. The car didn’t see me, so I had to quickly scoot my ass off the alley before it hit me. I made it JUST in time. I didn’t know then, but what would feel like near-death experiences were going to become kind of a thing for me. My roommates were in a concert. They didn’t answer their phones. To be honest, it was lucky I had just gotten my first Sprint phone a few months earlier…otherwise I would have been stranded on the street! So I called a friend. He and his Audi picked me up. He told me I should just go back to my dorm and rest it, but I was a stubborn ass Pole, and needed to go to the pledge meeting. When my physical therapist one of my besties who was a physical therapy major saw me hobbling, she was pissed. She told me to sit down and let it rest. She made me get the crutches. Again. And so I was back in PT for the second time that semester…but we’re not done yet. Oh yes…there’s more. To be continued….

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  1. When I was in college I was a commuter. I never lived on campus. So, one day I got out of my car and start walking toward campus with a giant backpack full of books on my back. I slipped on some ice and landed on my back in the parking lot between two parked cars. I just laid on the ground for a while staring at the sky. I think I was headed toward math class too (yes, I am reading this series in reverse).

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