How I Tricked Brian Into Christmas Music

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Dear Katie,
Don’t hate me. 🙂
Also, side note: Just because I won’t start decorating, doesn’t mean I can’t get a little into the holiday spirit…

So last night, I was cooking dinner and Brian was putting our new table together (not IKEA to inquiring minds). He had turned on Pandora, and we were jammin’ out. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him move towards the laptop to change the station…I was immediately drawn to the table, where I sneakily stood behind him (and he didn’t notice)…

I watched as he searched Pandora for Christmas music. He hovered over the “stations.” He debated internally like I have never seen before. And then…it was gone. He closed out and started to get up.

“No! You should do it!” I cried.

“What the?!” Apparently he really hadn’t noticed that I was standing. right. behind. him. the. whole. time. “No, I just can’t. It’s too soon.”

I looked at him, disheartened, and asked, “Do you know how much more I would have loved you if you had done it?”

“I would have lost a little bit of respect for myself.”

“No…Christmas music is good. It’s good.”

“Nope. Not yet. Thanksgiving is as early as it should be, and even that is pushing it.”

“But it’s only a week away!”

“And a week, you must wait.”

So I sat down at the computer and put on Pandora Christmas. The first song that came on was Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Brian’s response was that this was an acceptable song, because it didn’t discuss Christmas at all. Then White Christmas came on and I was ballerina-ing around our super tiny kitchen. Much like when Katie and I pretend we are Romy and Michelle dancing at the prom.

No joke, we do this at every wedding we go to together.

Brian and I hadn’t even been dating a year when this happened. And instead of judging us…he got it on video.

Anyways…back to Christmas music. So after White Christmas came Faith Hill…and Brian couldn’t take any more. So I stopped dancing and made my way over to the computer, where I changed the station to Winter Solstice. He said that that was alright. The sound of instrumental music filled the apartment. Not one Christmas-y word was heard…though there were most definitely a lot of Christmas-y tunes.

Brian said to me, “Why is the solstice music talking about Jesus?”

“I didn’t hear the word, Jesus…”

“I most definitely heard Jesus in my head.”

“But no one said ‘Jesus.'”

“I see what you’re doing… this is trickery it is.”

Ah yes. Trickery indeed. Christmas Music is Coming…

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21 Responses

  1. Christine- if I were ashamed of the Romi and Michelle dance, I would not have performed it with you at my own wedding in front of everyone I know… Although I wish we had video evidence of THAT instance because I was thinner then…

  2. You know there is a logical path for decorating from October 1st through January 6th and just moving decorations around. I do this at work. You start out with decorating for Halloween (now using the whole Nightmare Before Christmas movie logic) you can get the Holiday Spirit soaring on October 1st. After Halloween it transitions into Krampus Day (which is also St. Nicholas Day) then on through Christmas! So you can really start Christmas music on October 1st!

  3. Bahahahaha! That’s me in the background saying to Brian….”Nope, we just let them do their thing….” Like it’s the most normal thing in the world! LOL

  4. Wow ladies. Just wow. Makes me cross my fingers that work sends me to Chicago soon. =P

    As for the Christmas music debate, every single year I don’t allow myself to listen to it until Black Friday (and then 24/7 for the next month), but I’m thinking of breaking the rules this year. I already snuck “Baby it’s Cold Outside” onto my Pandora mix and totally jammed out to it. Don’t judge me.

        1. I’ve been thinking about it, but between conference entrance, flight and hotel it’s like $1,000 for a 4 day weekend.

          But I soooooooo want to go.

  5. I miss my little Christmas Tree I used to put up in the apartment. But Jasper likes to attack it and try to scale it like Everest. Psycho cat.

      1. It’s a little one, only 3 feet, hence why he can tackle it. It’s pretty funny but he also tries to chew the branches and the lights which is BAD

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