Confession Friday: Christmas Music is Coming

Yes. Yes, I said it. Confession Friday: I am a Christmas-obsessed-giant-freak-of-nature-who-wants-to-start-decorating-now kind of girl. You think I got into Halloween… You haven’t seen ANYTHING yet. But I will try. try. try. to refrain. For Brian’s sake. For your sake. For at least a week or two. As soon as Thanksgiving week gets close…I make no promises. Christmas music is coming…

(But not that horrible song: Do they know it’s Christmas? Of course they don’t know it’s Christmas. And they don’t care. They do not celebrate Christmas because it is a Christian holiday and non-Christians in Africa who are starving and sick do not care that they won’t have snow in Africa, you ignorant prats./rant)

When I told Brian (long before I was officially living with him in Aurora) that we were one day going to have a Christmas tree in every room, he may or may have believed me…Much like when I told him that the Olympics was going to be 24/7 Sports TV for 2 and a half weeks…And when I told him that I had a cheese obsession…And when I told him that I had a lot of stuff…Come to think of it…maybe HE does believe me.

Regardless…when he realized that half of the boxes that were carted up the stairs to our new apartment were Christmas boxes…he may have gotten a little scared. It’s a fact: I love Christmas. I love everything about Christmas. It’s joyful. It’s bright. It’s cheery. It’s wonderful. Our little apartment is going to look amazing. and Christmas-y. As soon as the rest of the boxes are unpacked…Christmas boxes are next.  and the trees go up.

Yes. I said trees. Since I was a young child, I have always made the Christmas tree my responsibility. And no one was allowed to help…Because they didn’t know how to do it right. Really…it’s because I’m slightly OCD and have a need to see every ornament as it goes on the tree. You’ll note that the baby picture of Chrissy goes front and center every year.

Confession Friday Christmas Music is Coming

We made her pose like that.

In closing, fair readers…I have borrowed a brilliant idea from Lauren of Filing Jointly. I would love to send you a Christmas card this year! As a thank you for being awesome and reading my blog and all of that good stuff. Just send an e-mail to quirkychrissy @ gmail with your name and address, and you will receive a fantastic Christmas card. I haven’t quite decided what it will be yet…but you can bet it will be hilarious. Last year, a girlfriend of mine convinced me to send out this beauty:

Christmas Cards

I know, perfect right?

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  1. Four trees last year :). I feel you!

  2. I know you hate Do They Know its Christmas… but I realize, I don’t know what your favorite Christmas song is???

  3. Can’t wait to see your Christmas pictures!

  4. I caught myself singing along to Boney-M in a store the other day. It was shameful.

  5. It's A Dome Life says

    I have 6 Christmas trees and we did have one in every room. Yep, let the crazy begin! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!

  6. My go-to happy movie is Love Actually. Every year, I tell myself I won’t watch it until after Thanksgiving, but that I have free reign to watch it as many times as I want before Valentine’s Day. Totally arbitrary. I’ve been holding strong this year…. unless you count the time I watched it twice in a row on a 10 hour flight in April, but it’s not my fault the movie was available on the airline’s entertainment system.

    So, I love Christmas! I’ve never celebrated it, but I love Christmas. I was raised (non religious) Hindu by immigrant parents, I’m basically the opposite of Christmas. But I love the holiday spirit in the air!

    • Chrissy Woj says

      Great movie choice! I was just talking to a girlfriend about watching movies multiple times in a row…It used to be required to #get your money’s worth from Blockbuster…when I was like 6.

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