Escape From Reality…Or How I Could Live in my Couch

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I’ve never loved a piece of furniture as much as I love this couch. It’s a three-piece set that I sat on in the furniture store and couldn’t leave without. Before entering the Art Van, Brian gave me full decision-making power in this purchase, as his choice, when we moved into our apartment four years ago, was not my favorite place to sit. That power, though, didn’t stop him from making me walk through the entire store looking for a smaller, less expensive piece of furniture. The only couch I loved more than this couch, was a designer sofa that came with pink and teal pillows and pretty much matched my entire life.

Cozy Pink and Teal Couch

I don’t think Brian’s quite as on board with our pink and teal life…

The price tag ($6700) made me cry, and it made Brian think much more fondly of the cozy, snuggle-blanket soft couch full of neutral tones and pillows for days that came with a much more reasonable expense.

An hour or two later, we left with a delivery date and the happiest Chrissy that’s ever been. Three months later, I’m still in heaven. The couch was a little too big for one room, so we were able to split it up and create two cozy seating spaces that make me swoon.

I love my couch so much

This is my Netflix corner.

With all the rain we’ve been having here in Chicago, my couch has been home to some serious snuggly nights and afternoons spent watching Netflix, reading books, snacking, and cracking jokes with Brian. But even when we’re tucked away in the most amazing couch ever, we like to embrace the world around us and explore new experiences. I thought I’d hook you up with a couple Chrissy-style pointers to make the most out of those rainy afternoons “stuck” inside and use your imagination to travel to faraway places.

Read books

If you’re looking for a change of pace from your regular Netflix binge session, pick up your Kindle/Nook/Hardcopy and devour nourishment for your soul. Travel to new places, meet interesting people, and solve crimes on your cozy couch. I just finished reading Famished, a terrifying rollercoaster of a suspense by Meghan O’Flynn.

Plan a trip

With the wedding coming up quickly, Brian and I are starting to plan our honeymoon. I’m pushing for an international trip, and we keep tossing around a variety of ideas. But the magic in planning and imagining our possibilities and options is what really excites me. I get almost as much enjoyment in the planning as I do in taking the actual trip.

Explore exotic flavors

Sure, it may be summer, but the A/C is cranking, and there’s nothing like a mug full of warm, delicious comfort. Since receiving a box of the NEW TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods, I’ve been indulging in the creamy delicious black tea and milk chock full of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and vanilla for a sweet and spicy mix that I can only describe as magical. I’ve loved chai lattes since discovering it during my days as a catering manager, and I’m thrilled to be able to make it at home in my Keurig®, now.  I’ve been pairing it with one of my new favorite cheeses, a goat gouda called L’Amuse Brabander, and it’s utterly delightful.

Curl up on the couch with tea

 TAZO Chai Latte

 How do you escape when you’re stuck inside during the rainiest days?

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I Sit at the Bad Girls’ Table and What I Learned About Hot Tea

Not that this should surprise you or anything. I’ve always had a penchant for troublemakers. Even when I was 12-year-old misfit, I knew how to find the most entertaining kids.

So last weekend, when I went to a bridal shower, it was no surprise that I found myself at a table of instigators.


And this is how y’all responded

You’ll note that even the bride commented on “guiding us” to a table in the back (near the cupcakes, so we weren’t disappointed or anything).

We were tasked with writing notes to the bride on rocks. I love it when people get all Pinteresty. Of course, we had to steal all of the paint pens from all of the tables, so that we could write simultaneously. This was important business.

It was also important business to steal an extra rock off the only empty seat at our table…and write an additional note. “I wasn’t invited, but thanks for the food!” I truly have fantastic, brilliant and hilarious friends.

This was especially true when someone sat down at the empty seat at our table…and we needed to find a rock for her. The bride’s sister was less than impressed with our mad skill. She was also unwilling to let us sneak the bonus rock onto a different table. I can’t say that I blame her. We weren’t very sneaky.

After a few fart jokes…and a story about peeing…(Remind me to tell you guys that one, because of course, the pee story was MY story.) we got to the nitty gritty of troublemaking.

Because the present-opening part can get…well you know how the present-opening is at showers. We needed to be entertained. And DELICIOUS cupcakes can only hold a table of gals for so long. Especially when there are like…10 more cupcakes without tummies to find a home in. That we couldn’t possibly eat.

I, in an attempt to be sophisticated, ordered tea instead of coffee. They had a great selection of options, but I went with black tea so I could be super fancy and enjoy it Irish-style with milk and sugar.

Another girl at the table ordered an herbal tea, chamomile, I think, so we could be fancy together.

At the arrival of our hot beverages, the other girl thought it would be an excellent idea to also add milk to her tea. Because we were being fancy.

Unfortunately, after adding lemon and sugar and milk to her tea, we discovered that chamomile tea was not so good with milk. In fact…it curdled.

Instead of just…fessing up or ignoring it…we needed to fix the problem. Or at least hide it. Because that shit was nasty. So another girl at the table (the same one who showed up to a place setting without a rock–she was a real sport!) ordered another hot tea to replace the curdled one.

Once it arrived, we played a little game of bait and switch in which we poured the curdled tea into my empty tea pot (I had already refilled my cup), closed the lid and moved the curdled mug to the center of the table. And no one was ever the wiser. Until the teapot got to the dishwasher, I’m sure. Because that shit really was nasty.

2014-02-16 13.40.37 2014-02-16 13.40.10
Of course, we all thought that we had just learned something about tea and milk. Black tea with milk good. White tea with milk bad.

Except that we were wrong.

After some Google research, I learned that the LEMON was the curdling culprit. Not the tea.

Live and learn blog friends!

Are you a troublemaker? Do you find yourself giggling more than anyone else at a bridal shower or baby shower? Tell me about a time you did silly things when you were supposed to be a grown up!

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