And Now, A Post-Christmas Song/Poem.

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So I wrote a song to commemorate my very sad day. Usually, I would postpone this shit as long as humanly possible, but I want to come home from FLORIDA to a clean house and nothing to do but vacation laundry and seashell projects.

Plus with another polar vortex/ice age/death cold coming in a few days, I’d rather just get this shit out of the way.

Packing up the Christmas tree
Half the ornaments are already off the tree…Now it’s time for those individual Hallmark boxes. FML.

The Christmas Alma Mater Song (to the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club Alma Mater Song, but shorter. Because I’m lazy.)

Now it’s time

To say goodbye

To all my Christmas trees.

They start with C

See ya real soon

There is no Y

Why? Because we like them.

Pa-cking up the trees.

Christmas trees


Christmas trees


Forever let us hold the garland high

High high high!

Come along and sing this song

That is melancholy.


Christmas Lights.

Packing up the tree.


As you can see, my apartment is in shambles, so I best stop this blogging nonsense and get to it. Maybe later, if I get enough written incentive and booze, I’ll videotape my song for you.


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13 Responses

  1. AWWW. I just took down our outside lights yesterday and was way sad about it. My 4yo was much sadder about it and the fact that the tree is in the yard waiting for recycling to pick it up is downright depressing. I love your song though!! Also, I’m jealous of your wrapping paper bin. That’s awesome.

  2. Please do video it. PLEASE. What must we do to incentivize you?
    My Christmas tree is still up….. but it’s at the boyfriend’s house so it doesn’t count.
    His birthday decorations are still up in my kitchen though.
    His birthday was in October.
    I need a song too.

  3. Great job
    Funny thing is I don’t mind the Hallmark boxes however getting all the boxes to fit back into their big storage box requires a degree in engineering
    FYI the type next to the boxes under comment is so light hard to see 🙁

  4. My tree is still up. I decorate 5 rooms. They are all done,including my fabulous village.
    I can’t bear to to take down the tree. I still light it every night. Ahhh…missing it already,and it’s still up!!

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