Monday Memories: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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Well…not anymore anyways.

First things first: This post is a part of the Monday Memories to Make You Laugh Series. Each week, you can join me, It’s a Dome Life, and First Time Mom and Dad in our adventures of remembering. If you’d like to jump on our little bandwagon, we’d love to have you. Today’s prompt is all about being afraid of the dark.

When I was a kid I used to have these recurring nightmares.

  • A giant gorilla escaped from the zoo that smashes through our kitchen wall from the backyard. (I blame Disney)

  • A pack of wolves chasing me around my dining room table.
  • Vampires – hiding under my bed.

I couldn’t fall asleep without the hall light on. In the holiday season, I had to have Christmas lights in my room (but NEVER red ones. Red ones were evil. They made my pink room glow with scary red walls. I suppose my disdain for the color red makes it a little ironic that I wrote a poem about the color red…)

If I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I would JUMP from my bed to the middle of the floor, so that anything hiding under my bed would have to come out from under there to grab me, thus giving me time to sort of run away. Really, it all worked out in my head.

Nowadays, I can’t sleep without complete darkness, but I’ll always look fondly on the days of vamps and wolves. Oh crap. My childhood was like a clip of Twlight.

Blog friends! Did you have nightmares when you were a kid? Crazy fears of the dark? Worries about something under the bed? Tell me about it!

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18 Responses

      1. Truthfully I was kind of a weird kid. A nerd in a family where my father was president of a small subcontracting factory and not very imaginative. I would watch old universal horror movies on a faded black and white tv like the original Dracula, The Werewolf of London, etc in the dark in the basement. The furnace would make creaky sounds which made the movie scarier. I would have been a good character in a Stephen King book! Afterwords I would walk upstairs in the dark with the furnace doing it’s thing and the basement stairs creaking. Yikes! No wonder I had some pretty scary nightmares. =:-(

          1. Chrissy 🙂
            Considering the young group of middle class juvenile delinquents I hung out with, it’s lucky I didn’t turn out weirder. Halloween was our favorite holiday; no helicopter parents then! We would get a hold of cherry bombs we’d light off on some poor neighbor’s front porch and run like hell!

  1. When I was a child, I had this needlepoint hanging in my room:

    For some reason, in the dark, I was terrified of it. During the day, it was fine. At night, it was evil and was going to come alive and attack me if I didn’t sleep FACING AWAY from it. Probably why I still very much prefer to sleep on my left side.

    Also, I can’t believe I actually just found that on Etsy. Mine is probably in our basement somewhere. I should lay claim to it, to scare my future children.

          1. Not sure that I believe in ghosts. However I worked for the Job Corp for a year as a vocational counselor. One night, some of the girls took an Ouija board down to the cemetery across from the residence and tried to get messages from the “dear departed”. Bad move, I saw what could happen with Ouija boards in “The Craft” 😉 Anyway we had hysterics on the unit for a couple days.

  2. I was really little when E.T. came out. Like 6 years old. The movie scared me a lot, but apparently I didn’t make the clear to my mom, who bought me a stuffed E.T. It was made of weird material… like pleather. Anyway, it sat on my bedroom floor and scared the CRAP out of me at bedtime. I eventually chucked it into our junk room and I never saw him again.

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