Confession Friday: My First Poem


Children's Poetry

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  1. “Red is the big sister of pink.” That line speaks volumes. Bravo, young Chrissy. Bravo.

  2. How cute. I wish I had things like this from my childhood.

  3. Take out the capitals, and move over ee cummings. Chrissy is coming for you.

  4. Do you remember that book when we were kids, “Red is Best” ??

    • No, but if I read it, I probably used it as inspiration for this poem. I was a master of stealing ideas. In 5th grade, I wrote a children’s “book” that was incredibly reminiscent of “Where the Wild Things Are.”

  5. How is it that when I think I can love you no more than I already do, you have go and post something like this to prove me wrong.


  1. […] I couldn’t fall asleep without the hall light on. In the holiday season, I had to have Christmas lights in my room (but NEVER red ones. Red ones were evil. They made my pink room glow with scary red walls. I suppose my disdain for the color red makes it a little ironic that I wrote a poem about the color red…) […]

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