I am a Master Corrector or a Grammar Nazi. One of those. Except When it Comes to ME.

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This post was sponsored by the fine folks at Grammarly. They may have compensated me to write this post, but I also paid for the program, because I’m a believer in their services. And sometimes I make mistakes.

I use Grammarly for proofreading because I like affirmation of my perfection. 

I am a Grammar Nazi. It’s kind of a problem.

Grammar nazi

Ever since I was a little girl, I found myself correcting the grammar of just about anyone who ever used the following words/phrases:


Don’t want no

Apparently, this was incredibly embarrassing for my mom. Because even though she’s the REASON I was all, “Ain’t isn’t a word!” and yelling at adults, she wasn’t a fan of it. I was a master corrector. At age 3. I hated when anyone would tell stories about me, because they’d always tell them wrong. And I would correct that too.

Baby Chrissy Swimming
Would you argue with that face?

So it’s no surprise that I picked up writing in Grade 1. I mean, go read the first poem I ever wrote if you don’t believe me. (I really did post my first poem. Because I was adorable. And yes, there are grammar errors. We didn’t all START out perfect. GEEZ.)

Actually, it’s true. My grammar wasn’t always exceptional. It wasn’t until I started my master’s degree program (English teaching) and when I taught reading comprehension with math and writing application that I really improved my writing style.

Now, you’ll find me in Skype, teamed up with several English and journalism majors, as we fight the war on grammar, one Skyping co-worker at a time.

It drives them crazy.

Especially when we self-correct our own errors. Hey, everyone makes mistakes!

But I too make my own grammar faux pas. On purpose. Because I love them.

My favorite grammar no-no’s

  • I LOVE to overuse ellipsis…LOVE it…a lot.
  • Passive voice is loved by me.
  • Short, incomplete sentences. Yes.
  • I’m a big fan of the Oxford comma, commas in general, and way. Too. Many. Periods.


Do you have grammar errors that you make on purpose, for style? Grammar Nazi tendencies?

This post is sponsored by Grammarly. Because I love them. Fact.


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10 Responses

  1. I don’t even know what an ellipses is. I blocked out the name of all grammatical…things. I can only imagine the errors I make on a daily basis, but I can’t label them. That’s why I have so many friends obsessed with grammar. They rescue me when I get stuck.

  2. In high school, I used to use a red pen and correct the grammar and spelling of the notes my best friend passed to me in class. No, I do not know why she is still my friend, thirty years later. You would think she would have dropped me for being such a Grammar Nazi.

    I also love the Oxford comma. Anyone who says that it is not necessary is just wrong.

  3. Anyone who says the Oxford comma is a no-no is WRONG! I’ve never heard an argument against it that makes any sense. (Actually I’ve never heard any arguments against it… I just know it must be considered wrong because people like us are constantly defending it. Is it really just to save a character space? Whose idea was it to sacrifice clarity for one character space?)

  4. I commit every single one of the grammar faux pas you favorited. Except for the passive voice– I try to slay that dragon on a daily basis. It creeps up to undermine me when I’m attempting to fake it till I make it.

  5. My biggest pet peeves are misused apostrophe’s, messing up too/to & your/you’re and lack of Oxford commas…. see what I did their? 🙂

    (Grammar Fanatics unite!)

  6. Oh my.You sound way too much like me. Really…I use ellipses all the time. While I may over use them, I really feel the rest of the world really just under utilizes a great tool. There are rules I know and just break because I can…but does it bug you when people break the rule, but don’t have a clue that there’s a rule that they’re breaking?

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