Confession Friday: In Which I Talk About Black Wednesday

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Confession Friday: I went out on Black Wednesday. In sweat pants. And drank water. At a bar.

I’ll bet you thought I was going to talk about Black Friday, didn’t you? Admit it.

So, every year since turning 21, I’ve joined in on the “everyone’s home for the holiday, no one has to work tomorrow, let’s go out and get shmammered like we’re still in college” holiday. The busiest bar night of the year, I spent many a Thanksgivings praying over my grandmother’s toilet, unable to consume so much as a piece of cheese throughout the day. (To be fair, this had also happened on Christmas and Easter…I was a bit of a lush back in my younger days.)

Some years, (back in the owning-of-the-bar years), I would be working–though I often turned down the shift in order to participate in the debauchery of drinking with my peers, my brother, and my dad.

Last year, Brian and I went out to a fancy-pants dinner with some friends, where we ate, drank, and were merry…instead of doing the bar scene. But there was that air of “we don’t have to work tomorrow” excitement.

This year, one of my best girlfriends is leaving me. Lily is packing up all her stuff tomorrow and moving to freakin’ Iowa. (I know what you’re thinking…who the hell moves from Chicago to Iowa?) I’ve been thinking that since the day she told me. But she’s moving.

And since her going-away-party was not really a chance to actually hang out with her…because she has a lot of friends and I couldn’t really get some legit Lily time out of it, I made her go out last night for karaoke at our local tavern of choice. Where we both drank water. And sang some karaoke. And I argued with some young early 20-something dude about almost everything.

Singing Karaoke
This was not Wednesday night. But I like this picture. Because I was skinnier then. And I was singing karaoke at Sal’s. Which is what I was doing on Wednesday night.

So I had fun doing the things we used to do before we got old. Except for drinking. Because we were both tired. And I don’t like to drive on amateur nights with any alcohol in my system. Because people are stupid. And my insurance is high enough.

Enjoy the long weekend, kids!

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9 Responses

  1. Going out on only water sometimes is highly underrated! Don’t get me wrong, I like getting shit faced (i.e. drunk, in case this is an English expression that doesn’t reach across to you guys. If it is actually an expression Americans are familiar with, don’t mind the silly Swedish girl and please don’t take offence!) just as much as the next girl but sometimes it’s nice to remember the night and not have a hang over and remorse the next day!

  2. LOVE IT! I have spent many a holiday in the shit house (dog house) with my family due to my mission to drink every last drop of liquor. I am even guilty of getting up from Christmas brunch to puke up my guts at the neighbors house. Even though my mom didn’t believe me at the time… we really do laugh about it now.

    Now at 34 I couldn’t agree with you more about amature night and driving with a drop of booze in the system. I rarely go out on amature night now, and if I do it’s cab only.

  3. Next time let there be video! I want to hear some singing. So sad to hear your friend is moving to Iowa. I hope it’s for a fantastic reason…Iowa just sounds like, well, Iowa. I can’t think of a thing to say (good or bad) about it. I hope you don’t miss her too much!

    1. I will do what I can. I like to think that I’m a rockstar when I karaoke. Iowa…Well…you’ll see… I do miss her a whole lot.

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