Who Wants a Christmas Card? Wait. That Title is Boring. Step Right Up For the Best Christmas Card You’ll Get This Year.

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I KNOW. It’s like. Just BARELY the end of Halloween season. Thanksgiving week (yes, it gets a week) isn’t quite here…actually it’s coming late this year which is messing up my ENTIRE schedule…but whatever.

Brian won’t let me put Christmas up until I take Halloween down…

BUT I LOVE my Halloween village. Thanks to my pal Brooke for introducing me to the crack that is Lemax Spooky Town.

spooky town village spooky town village

So, obviously…I’m in the process of that…Expect Christmas to start…Sometime next week. Because I have a VERY busy two weeks surrounding Thanksgiving, what with ChiTAG and Chicago TARDIS and the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who Episode. Gosh, my life is so nerdy and exciting…don’t you wish you lived here, too? Poor Brian.

But while you’re waiting for Christmas to start over here, I’d love to offer you a holiday greeting. A Christmas card to be exact. I did this last year, thanks to the idea I borrowed from the lovely Lauren Filing Jointly, and it was awesome. Of course, it takes time. And planning. And envelop licking. And things. So I’m offering this opportunity early. Because our Christmas cards? Kind of rock.

Last year, Brian and I had our first, “hey! We live together and the girl in this relationship has decided that we’re sending out Christmas cards together!”

Here was last year’s:

Christmas Card


So if you’d like a Christmas card…and I certainly hope you do, send an e-mail to .

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  1. Well the old one you sent out is certainly better than the stupid Christmas letters I get from certain friends going on and on about their kids that have been accepted at some ivy league university and are now studying nuclear physics or their cousin’s daughter who has birthed a kid with two heads. 😉 Yeah, count me in! I dk what you’ll get in return but I promise that it will be creative.

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