Three Years Later, and No One Can Make Me Laugh as Much as This Guy

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Today is our third anniversary. We’ve now got 3 years of a laughter-foundation to build on. Last year on our anniversary, I wrote Brian a schmoopy and ridiculous letter and made him a super special card.

This year, I’ll spare you the schmoop and (hopefully) make you laugh.

Thanks to Daylight Savings Time, I’m still not in my normal sleep patterns. So Brian was ready to fall asleep the other night when I rolled into bed. I popped a melatonin (Dudes. The NatureMade Vitamelts taste like mint chocolate. #shamelessplug #noonepaidme) and tried to get sleepy.

Of course, I started rambling at Brian about him getting sleepy and hypnotizing him into loving Disney and wanting to go to all the Disney parks in the world. He picked up on my game and started saying we could go to Disney Antarctica (and that segwayed into tap-dancing penguins [because shouldn’t every conversation lead to tap-dancing penguins?] and flying puffins).

Eventually, though, he commented on my lack of sleepiness. And this is how that conversation went down.

Brian: You’re not tired at all, are you.
Me: Nope. But I’m trying to tone it down.
Brian: You’re melatonin it down, you mean?

At which point I started laughing like a hyena and giggling like it was the funniest thing on the planet. Even though it wasn’t really. And then he was totally awake. And trying to shush me. But I couldn’t. Stop. Laughing. And was thankful that our downstairs neighbors moved out because I was laughing REALLY loud. And I would have felt bad.

5 minutes later, I was out like a light.  I do that. All awake one minute; passed out the next.

Things like this happen. All. The. Time. Because he’s funny. But mostly, he’s funny to me.

To the best boyfriend on the entire planet-Happy Anniversary.

Do you and your person/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/partner have weird inside jokes and make each other laugh with really bad jokes?



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8 Responses

  1. Matt and I are the same way! My favorite part of the day is when we get in bed because we talk and giggle like school girls. Sometimes it feels like we’re at a slumber party. We know we should go to bed but we just laugh instead.

    I’m so glad you have that. It makes life so much more fun. Happy anniversary!!!!!

  2. Oh man I know those nights. Try so hard to fall asleep then someone farts or says something hilarious and sleep is definitely not happening. Inside jokes? Yup. We got ’em. Four years worth so far and they just keep on coming.

  3. Hmm, sounds like he’s an intuitive thinking type (ala Myers-Briggs). I imagine he will humor you and go to the Disneyland Park of your choice. By the way, the Anaheim Park is opening a new Mexican restaurant. The speciality is bean and cheese wrapped in a a tortilla. It’s called el fartalito.

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