I’m Voting for Hillary. Period.

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I voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 Illinois Primary.

I voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Illinois Primary.

I didn’t believe I was a feminist. I called myself a humanist.

I don’t love Hillary, but I intend to vote for her. I intend to share my beliefs. I intend to use my digital platform to support her.  I intend to dedicate whatever I can to helping our country elect her as president, not because she’s a woman, but because the other outcome is too scary to possibly imagine.

I will still share my life. You will still see pictures, videos, and mishaps as Brian and I walk down the aisle and continue our life together. You’ll still hear about me walking into poles, tripping over invisible wires, and stealing my best friend’s car. But if you follow me anywhere, you’re going to see a proud as fuck Hillary supporter. BECAUSE THE OTHER OUTCOME IS TOO SCARY TO POSSIBLY IMAGINE.

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I understand that many of you are planning on voting for a third party candidate, which is your right as an American. But in this two-party system we’ve got going on (one that won’t be changing in the next 3 months), you’re wasting your vote. And if The Donald is elected? It will be partially your fault. You want to change the two party system? Great. CHANGE IT. Petition the men and women of congress. Petition your representatives. But don’t think for a second that Donald Trump isn’t using this two party system to his advantage.

If you can honestly say that you support the racist, sexist, egotistical, narcissistic bigot because you believe in his version of America, there’s the door, if you will. But if you’re more afraid of Hillary than of Trump, why don’t you do a little more research? Why don’t you listen to the horrifying words that come out of that orange-faced mouth every fucking day? He’s not a conservative, and he’s not a Republican.

I support Hillary. I’m with her. And I’m ready to use my voice and fight for her election. Because I have faith. And hope. And I believe in her, just like I believe in you. Be better.


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  1. Wow….it totally 100% floors me every time I come upon support of Hillary. And how wide the division is between the supporters of her versus Trump. Supporters of Trump are hearing a vastly different platform from what Hillary supporters hear from him. And likewise for Hillary – Trump supporters are blown away by the continual scandal and gross misconduct and neglect that cost so many lives at the hands of Hillary. It feels a very alien world. I, too, fear the lack of experience Trump has, but he will have many who will thumb him down from going too far. But what I don’t understand, is how any Hillary follower can justify the fall of the American economy under the first Clinton and the door that she, as our Secretary of State, has opened to terrorists, basically all over the world. Should she be elected, with her track record as it is, she is the one by far to fear more than one who is at least out there trying to make a difference for the country as a while. What, however, is most fearsome and deflating, is the very marked division now between the two parties. And the fact that it has taken a drastic turn for the worse since Obama has been in the White House – he’s been the most ineffective and therefore one of the biggest failures, in the history of the presidencies. I truly, with all my heart, hope for you and all of us…..what? I don’t know other than a day to day striving to make our little corners of the world better. But, just as you’ve stated about doing all you can for the cause of Hillary, I must also speak up for what I believe as well. May God bless us each and every one.

  2. I saw a 40 second video about a chap called Johnson, who seemed to have his head on right. Is he a third party candidate? Is ‘third party candidate’ basically throwing away your vote?

    If it’s a two-horse race, I’m with Hillary…because the alternative.

    1. Johnson is the third party candidate. Our system is designed as such that a third candidate just pulls votes away from one or both of the other candidates and a majority is required to win the election.

  3. It actually wouldn’t be hard to make third-party candidates viable: we just need to do away with the electoral college and the winner-take-all system we’ve got now. The problem is that everyone hates it right up until the election, when it helps their candidate get elected, and then they don’t want to give it up anymore.

    Change canNOT come from the top down, in this case. We need the viable, eminently qualified, not-Trump-y candidate to take office. THEN we can address, again, the electoral college.

    1. To Tammi Kate…If you were over 21 during the Clinton years, Iam sure you were working. If not your parents were. It was a wonderful. time. Everyone worked…unemployment was. very low. People were actually happy. I know this, because I with my husband owned a small restaurant and bar. It was thriving. Then the 2nd Bush era. I find it amazing people don’t blame him for 911. He ignored the intelligence reports of pending terrorist attacks. He let our security down, Republicans blame it on Bill. Ridiculous! Yet, let’s blame Hillary for Bengazi. Even the dead Congressman’s mother doesn’t. Trump claimed bankruptcy 6 times and never lost a cent. Our small business went under in 2008 . We lost everything. As did MANY Americans. Trump profited. He does not car about anyone. Hell, his current wife is a liar…I heard he before the speech quote “I write speech myself. With a little help”. I’m sure hell dump her when he loses. Ya know, like his other wives and businesses. Bad man. Very. bad man.

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