What’s Up, Jenny McCarthy?

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So…some of you may have caught the tale of my first period. Some of you may even be here, because you saw it on the Huffington Post.  Fucking awesome.

Well you know who else saw it? A producer. For Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy. And on Thursday morning,  Jenny is going to be interviewing….yours truly. Not me interviewing her, like I did with Dr. Travis Stork. And the second time with Dr. Travis Stork. Not me making a fool out of myself getting a book signed, like I did with Jenny Lawson. Or Cary Elwes.As a result of my Huffington Post essay about my first period, I'm going to be on the Jenny McCarthy radio show, Dirty, Sexy, Funny

Instead, I’m  going to be chatting with Jenny about my first period. And probably Chicago. She’s a Chicago girl, you know? Hilarity is sure to ensue. And maybe when we’re both chillin’ in the suburbs,  we’ll hang out. I mean, we could totally be friends after a 10 minute radio chat, right?

So anyway,  this quick blurb is brought to you by my pride and the desire to have your support as I begin my path to fame and fortune  (or just infamy for saying something completely idiotic because I’m SO. INCREDIBLY. NERVOUS.  You’ll just have to listen to find out).

You can listen to Dirty, Sexy, Funny on SiriusXM channel 109 (SiriusXM Stars) from 10 AM-12 PM eastern time on Thursday.  I believe I’m scheduled some time in the middle. You can even get a free trial of SiriusXM on your device for 30 days.

Guys, this is SO exciting for me, so let’s keep the excitement flowing. What’s exciting in your life right now? What are some of the cool things you’ve done that you’re still super proud of? No excitement is too small!

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18 Responses

  1. Holy all the fucks to give! QC! You are gonna be FAMOUS and I can say that you didn’t know me when because I don’t go to blog conferences! Congratulations, Love! Rock on!

  2. So totally awesome. Go Chrissy, make Jenny laugh. Grandpa Felix loved her. Not only because she was beautiful, but her sisters played baskeball for Mother McCauley. Have fun!

  3. Aaaah! You’re so lucky! I don’t know you but I am still very happy for you…and a little jealous that I didn’t think to write about my first period on Huffingpost! Instead they have me writing about the doom and gloom of mental illness…no no, there shall be no sadness here, only glee because you get to be Jenny’s bestie! Congrats, seriously!

    1. You can totally still write about your first period on HuffPo! Everyone has a great period story (apparently. I only know the dozens that other people have told me).

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