My Twitter Account Disappeared…Was it all Just a Bad Dream?

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Last night I had one of the biggest social media panics. My Twitter account went down.

I know, it sounds all, “Chrissy, this is not the end of the world…grow the fuck up.”

But I’ve spent the last year and a half building my Twitter up to the point of monetization. I’m in the midst of several campaigns. I’m leaving for ChiTAG Fair in 20 minutes. And I was at an event that I would have loved to keep tweeting about.

Apparently, Twitter has a bug. And sometimes, Twitter accounts just sort of…disappear.

So there I was, on my way home from the TAGIE Awards (Toy and Game Inventor Awards – more on that next week) in a FORMAL fancy pants gown, with my feet kicked up on the seat in front of my on the train, FURIOUSLY e-mailing back and forth with Twitter support.

Twitter Account Disappeared - Oh, Snap! We couldn't find you using the information you entered. Please try again.

I had to open multiple “tickets.” I had to make sure I was e-mailing them from the correct account. And nothing was working. It was like my Twitter account never existed.

My e-mail address wasn’t recognized. At all. And I was tired and cranky. Because I haven’t gotten enough sleep in the last few days…something about being super busy with ChiTAG (Get excited for next week’s posts on toys, games, and fashion) and work. And other things.

So I was panicking when I got off the train near midnight, and Brian was all, “You look so pretty!” And I was all, “Take me home I need a computer because my phone died, my Twitter disappeared and I have some serious tech support e-mailing to do.”

I went to bed near 1 AM, having not heard anything from Twitter support since they told me they were resetting my password (which never happened.)

I woke up this morning with a testing e-mail that was received. Like this Twitter disappearing nonsense was all a bad dream.

Twitter Disappeared Bad Dream


Thanks, Dad!

Has this ever happened to you? What about other social media panics? Are you as crazy as me?

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15 Responses

  1. One night my Twitter account just got locked. I thought maybe I had done something wrong and landed in Twitter jail, but I hadn’t really even tweeted much that day. It didn’t make any sense. I used to panic all the time when my social media stopped working. I always thought I must be doing something wrong…or broken something somehow. After a few instances of things not working and then working fine a few hours later or the next day I try not to panic right away anymore. It’s scary though because you read about people having their accounts disappear or get shut down all the time for no reason really. We work so hard to meet people and make friends and then poof it’s all gone. Anyway, my Twitter account was fine the next day as if nothing had happened too!

    1. It’s so scary! I was all up in Google’s business…and then I was all up in Twitter’s business…and I was exhausted, because it’s been NONSTOP go-go-go since Monday. I FINALLY slept last night. *sigh* (good sigh)

  2. I haven’t lost my account, but I got suspended for following aggressively. That was not fun. It appeared that unfollowed everyone on my list, so people started unfollowing me. My follower/unfollower counts went down to zero. It was my own fault though. Twitter warned me and I kept on doing it. I finally learned my lesson that night after being suspended for 16 hours and losing a lot of followers.

    1. Oh that does not sound awesome at all! I was afraid that it was happening because I had so many new followers over the last week or so. But from what Google said, there’s some Twitter bug that makes it happen randomly.

  3. Chrissy do you really care if with the limitations of Twitter that the account disappears? Those too lazy to post on your Blog probably aren’t worth bothering with anyway. Anyway I think you could be a superstar in the world of karaoke. I’d love to see and Brian in one of the dive bars down in these parts.

    1. Wayne, you’re awesome.

      As far as Twitter, it’s mostly because I rely on it for the monetized part of my social profile. I get paid to send Tweets out, and when I get free products to review, they look at my social media following to determine whether I’m “eligible.” Because of my large following, I get opportunities like that…which will eventually help me to make this blog self-sufficient, thus putting more time into it, thus giving me the time to write my book. It’s all part of a grand plan!

    1. It was SO scary! But, on a brighter note, it was solved rather quickly, and if it hadn’t been the weekend that it was, I may not have even noticed it went missing for several hours.

  4. I know this was five years ago, but it’s happening to me right now. I keep opening tickets that keep being closed because all they do is send me instructions on how to password reset, but Twitter sends me to a technical problem” page when I try to re-set. I’m REALLY hoping mine magically re-appears as well.

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