Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Weird Habits I Can’t Break

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I’m a little crazy, ya know? I mean, it’s not like I’m Glenn Close crazy (anymore) or Scarecrow crazy (yet)…just my own personal brand of crazy. And I have these habits, right? And if you noticed them or had to understand/deal with them, you might think I’m just a little on the crazy side. Or if you’re Brian, you think I’m adorable. One of those. These are just a few of my little OCD tendencies/habits.

- Top Ten Tuesday -

  • I have to bag my own groceries. In my own way. Because it makes sense to me. And baggers/clerks be damned if they won’t let me do their job for them.
  • I have to sit facing the direction that the train is heading AND facing the center vestibule.


  • Quite frankly, I prefer to sit in the exact seat that I’m sitting in above (the outer side of the front-facing seat in the four-seater) in the 3rd car from the back inbound and first car outbound. I’m all about efficiency.
  • I count stairs. When I walk up or down (but especially down) a flight of stairs, I need to count them. In sets of 8 or 16, preferably. Partially because I’m afraid I’ll fall down (which I have) & partially because I’m afraid I’ll miss the last step (which I have).
  • Once I’ve learned how to do something, it has to be done exactly that way forever. Unless I come up with a more efficient system. Or someone else teaches me a new way that’s more efficient or fun. Efficiency, y’all.
  • I dry myself off in the exact same pattern after a shower or bath, and a bathtub without one of those sliding glass doors makes it so much easier. First I dry my face, then arms (right first), hair, front, back…then I put my left leg on the side of the tub, dry that off. Step out with left leg, right leg on the tub and dry that off, then step out. And I’ve been following this pattern as long as I can remember.


  • I have a thing with presentation and displays. I stacked my fancy game shelf (the less-fancy games are on shelves in the basement) like a fucking game store. As all game shelves should be stacked.
Game shelf
A thing of beauty…

I had to crowd source the rest because I’m writing this on the train. LUCKILY, Brian was pretty quick on the draw… these are the crazies according to him:


  • Replying to every blog comment. He sees me glued to my phone, or saying from my computer, “I’ll be there in ONE minute…I just need to reply to this comment.” What he doesn’t see is that I’m sometimes days late or I miss a comment completely.
  • I put all the game pieces back in the same spot according to my system. I don’t think heΒ  understands that this doesn’t make me crazy…it’s the only way the boxes close properly.
Lords of Waterdeep organized box
There are no game boxes that make me happier than the ones that have a place for everything so everything goes in it’s place
  • Collecting all the shells…okay…maybe I do go a smidge overboard. I pack an empty suitcase to bring shells home from Florida…and I have boxes and boxes of shells. Organized by type…
Some of the shells from this year’s Floridadventure.

What crazy/weird habits do you have? What crazy habits would your partner/best friend say you have?

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28 Responses

  1. I can’t stand small paper clips. I will replace them with big paper clips and then throw the small ones in the trash in an effort to rid the world of these little bastardy pieces of metal. I feel a sense of accomplishment every time one goes in the garbage.

  2. We all have our “things”. My boyfriend and I are constantly reorganizing the dishwasher on each other because each of us finds the way that the other loads it completely unacceptable. (and his way is totally wrong).

  3. I need things to be in sequence. All books/DVDs etc in Alphabetical order. And it kinda hurts my brain that your bullet numbering is out of sync. I know why it happened, WordPress things after each new image that it’s a new series of numbers but OMG fix! Love you.

  4. Well the train thing, and the shower thing you got from me. The reason you are like that with games, because as a child you had so many “lost” thrown away pieces, you are protecting your games.
    OCD,ADD whatever. I was called an “under acheiver”, no ADD back in the day.

  5. Counting stairs and drying off…..ME TOO! I actually learned to count stairs becuase of my bad eyes (it’s a blind mobility trick). And I swear, I think we dry off exactly the same way!

  6. You and The Antonator would get along splendidly. He has several of these habits along with a few of his own. I love them all, as I’m sure your significant other loves yours. It’ s all part of what makes you, you. And we love it =)

  7. I cannot count steps or stairs. If I start, I can’t seem to turn it off. So I will just keep counting every step I take until I sit for a little while and “reset”.

    I am a messy perfectionist. As in, if you walked into my office write now, you’d see various piles of papers and things. If I ever get sick unexpectedly, no one would know where anything is. but I know where EVERYTHING is, and can produce it in .5 seconds. Longer if my piles a bit too tall. All my stuff is done in a timely manner, I’m good at my job, but my desk is a disaster area. I can’t work on a clean desk. I lose things

    1. I TOTALLY do that sometimes. The not turning off the counting thing. All of a sudden I realize I’m halfway to work and still counting my steps in sets of 8.

      I am also the same with the organized mess. My mom never understood!

  8. I finally put all my shells from last month to use! I bought a BIG tall rectangle glass container with a lid and put 1/2 in there (on my kitchen/bar top). Then I put another half in a smaller cylindrical glass container without a lid (as a center piece on my kitchen table) with some of the big ones and sand dollars and star fish around it.) Some of the smaller ones went into a container I already had of shells in my bathroom. And the big piece of coral was added to my coffee table set up. I should take and send pictures. Thanks for the invite, again, by the way.

    1. Yay! mine are sitting precariously lined up on my basement floor (and the starfish/urchin are still sitting in an alcohol soak in the basement waiting for me to go and handle them). I’m SO glad you came down! It was super fun!

  9. I’m amazed at how many nice shells you found. I usually only find broken pieces…must be Florida! I like your game display. I think you have a real talent for displays. I have the stair counting thing too. When I was a kid I would actually squeeze my joints and count by two starting with my toes and working my way up and then starting over again. Stress, of course, makes it worse.

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