Top Secret Mission and Things That I Don’t Love About My Apartment

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Good morning readers! Today, I am on a top-secret mission. So I only have 4.32 minutes to write a blog post-here goes:

I love that we have our own apartment. I love that it is our space. I love that we have two bedrooms with a washer and dryer inside of our apartment. I love that our bedroom is HUGE compared to the last one. Yet, I have never lived in a real apartment. College doesn’t count, because those were fancy-pants Bradley owned apartments. This one is not.

Five Things I Don’t Love About My “New” Apartment

  1. The stovetop is NASTY. Not only is the stove relatively ancient, the metal dishes under the electric heaty dealies are rusting away to nothing.
  2. No garbage disposal. There are very few things that I think are more disgusting than cleaning out the sink drain. Wet, gross food remnants that you have to shake or wipe off into the garbage. Ick.
  3. The broken fridge. Yes, as I mentioned earlier this week, I was forced to throw away cheese. From Wisconsin. This is a travesty in itself. The light wouldn’t turn off inside, which heated the cheese into a disfigured warm mess of cheese. If it hadn’t been like that for days, I wouldn’t have minded much. But it had…so I did.
  4. The cabinets. Which are wood, which is nice…but they have likely been wood since 1983. And that is also gross. Because imagine how many tenants have put their food and dishes on those cabinets. Not everyone is as logical as me, and therefore may have put cleaning products or something gross where I keep the crackers to go with my cheese.
  5.  The biggest thing that I do not love about our apartment, though, is the fact that it is making me ill. I’ve often asked the question, “If I think that I’m a hypochondriac, does that mean that I am?” Well, yes. Maybe.  But the hypochondriac in me is convinced that the headache I’ve had nonstop since moving in is directly related to the apartment. Maybe it’s mold. Maybe it’s carbon monoxide. Regardless. My head has not stopped hurting. And it is not fun.

Well, I said I only had a few minutes…and now I must depart. Top secret mission ensues. While you’re here, go and enter my giveaway for the Chicago Toy & Game Fair passes! FREE. Freakin. Giveaway. Just comment. That’s all. Comment.

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5 Responses

  1. I feel your pain. I love my apartment but it’s an old building so I don’t love the water pressure, the drafty windows, or ya know, the fact that I have to turn off my TV to use my microwave because I will blow a fuse if I don’t.

    That and if the guy above me flushes the toilet when I’m in the shower, I get scalded. Not fun.


  3. I bet you have mold or something causing an allergy. I hope you figure out what it is soon. That sounds a little miserable. You can buy and replace those stove metal dish things. That will help!

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