Today is the Day All My Dreams Come True…OK, Maybe Not All of Them. Maybe Just One. But I’m EXCITED.

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That title actually has nothing to do with this post. It was just necessary. Because today is the big day! The BLOGGESS. Is in. Chicago. Ish. But since I live in Chicago-ish, it works out mighty well. BECAUSE I’M GOING TO MEET HER TODAY! And I’ve got some out of town guests that I’m dragging to the reading. Because that’s how I roll.

As I mentioned on Monday, this whole week is dedicated to bloggers. And today. Today is a whole post. Dedicated to one blogger. Because she’s that awesome. And it’s perfectly fitting. You see, I found her blog through the comments section of The Bloggess (This is how I found a lot of the blogs I read, actually. You should try it, if you haven’t.) And then she became my very first non-real-life-fan/friend. And she’s one of my BBBs (Blogging Best Buddies). And she’s fantastic. And she sent me the coolest Christmas “card” ever. Because it was a card. And a magnet. AND A FREAKIN’ PAINTING!

This Blog Post is Dedicated to…

Lily from It’s a Dome Life

As previously mentioned, Lily was my first non-real-life-friend to find the blog, probably because I stalked her a little bit after I found her blog on The Bloggess. And it was the greatest day ever. Because she’s sweet as pie. And funny. And TALENTED. She turned her art into magnets. And told me that she was sending one with her Christmas card…

The art of Lillian Connelly magnet
The magnet, up close. Isn’t it AMAZING? You can’t buy this one on Etsy, but there are others…Go now and buy a magnet.
The art of Lillian Connelly on my fridge
This is where the magnet lives…on the side of my fridge. Where I keep all of the important stuff…you know…cards and invitations and things… 🙂

But Lily didn’t just send me a magnet. Nope. I had to go to the post office to pick up the package (this was before my mail lady was cool), and I kept thinking to myself, “This does not look like a magnet sized package.”

I couldn’t wait to get home to open the package…(are we seeing a pattern here?)…so there I was in the car and I discovered this beautiful watercolor of a sunset. (She calls it, “Sunset from the Driveway.”)

Sunset From the Driveway
Isn’t she talented?

Of course, it took me FOREVER to get a frame and put it on the wall…because I am a little crazy and take my sweet time making decisions. Plus it was Christmas time, and my apartment looked like Christmas threw up…so I waited. And finally, I found the right frame (for now, until I can custom frame it). And now it lives in our bedroom. The first art in our home.

Sunset From the Driveway by Lillian Connelly
We wake up to a sunset every morning. How cool is that?

Thank you Lily. For your talent. For inspiring me. For being my friend. You’re amazing.

And to everyone else: Go check out Lily’s blog and her art.

Blog Friends: Are you a blogger? Tell me about your blog. Or do you have a favorite blogger? Tell me about him or her. What makes his/her blog awesome?




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23 Responses

  1. Have a wonderful time meeting The Bloggess! I’ve never met her, but she totally left a comment on my blog one time, so we’re obviously BFF’s…

    1. I am so impressed by this because I have never seen her leave a comment anywhere. I didn’t think it happened. So…WOW! That is pretty awesome. I think you might be BFF’s but it’s sort of like a secret kind of love. So jealous!

  2. I’m jealous you get to meet her! I “discovered” her after her book tour in Texas so I missed out. And I have stalked IDLs blog a bit. She is truly talented.

  3. Record meeting the Bloggess in your mind because I want a play-by-play with all of the details! Don’t leave anything out.

    Thanks for sharing my art and my blog. I am so glad we connected! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to read a blog for the first time as I was reading yours. I was all THIS! THIS is what it’s all about, People.

    You’re the best!

    1. Lily – I LOVE your art too. So beautiful! AND if my son were a girl, I was going to name him Lily. But he wasn’t and I’m one-and-done with kids, so that is sad.

      1. Aww man you guys are too much! Making me get all teary with gratitude. It’s good to have friends.

  4. There are not enough kind words to describe my love and admiration for you and Lily. And as if it needs to be said, The Bloggess and badass too. I kind of wanna be like her when/if I grow up. BUt for now I am just so stoked to have you and Lily as friends.

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