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The Rock

This is a continuation of a fiction story. You can find the first parts here: Broken The Failure The Letters Those eyes. Those chocolate brown eyes.

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Brian and Quirky Chrissy

I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

Greetings Blog Friends! Today I’ve got some amazing Friday fun for your! First, I’ve got Fiction Friday with the Fearless Fiction Femmes. If you’re looking

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The Bartender

Good morning friends (I figure if you’re reading my shit, we’re buds now, right?) We’ve been playing this oh-so-fun Chrissy’s life blog for a while

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Snacky Snacky Joy Joy

Until quite recently, I hadn’t eaten anything with ranch since I was about seven years old. It doesn’t matter how light the taste was, I

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Brotherly Love

My brother is an undercover softie. He has been that way as long as I can remember. Well, maybe he didn’t used to be quite

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