How to Make a Beautiful Cheese Plate for Two

Y’all! It’s National Cheese Lover’s Day. As it’s a holiday that is literally celebrating ME, I had to offer some advice for making a beautiful and delicious cheese tray for two — since Brian and I are heading off to Florida in less than 24 hours, we can’t have a ton of extra cheese lying around. Or a party. And I know I’ve talked about cheese plates before, but this one has a video!

Beautiful cheese plate for two

So I made my way over to Whole Foods — they had a SALE, you guys — to pick up some of their cute little cuts of cheese (small pieces and ends are perfect for making a small(ish) cheese platter.

Buying cheese at Whole Foods for National Cheese Lover's Day

I also bought fondue and a goat gouda for later because that shit was on sale.

I picked up a cave aged gruyere from Emmi Roth, a rattlesnake cheddar (smoky with habanero and other peppers and tequila), a creamy goat cheese called Capricho de Cabra Mitica, and a mild jarlsberg (mostly because it was like $2). I also had a sharp cheddar and an AMAZING Maytag Blue Cheese in the fridge that I added for color and a nice rounded out cheese plate.

Anyways, I made you a fancy pants video so take a look!

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Top Ten Tuesday: The Ten Best Cheeses to Eat Solo

Listen up. I know that cheese makes EVERYTHING better. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, dessert…Cheese can play an integral role in any dish. But in honor of National Cheese Lover’s Day (January 20th, yo!) I’m going to encourage you to DEVOUR some delicious cheese from around the globe…without a cracker, dipper, chip, entree, bread, sauce, or any other accouterments. Because while cheese makes everything taste better, cheese itself is like Mary fucking Poppins. Practically perfect in every way. This list is in no particular order. Because I can’t just organize my love of cheese. Try arranging your children by favorite to least favorite…I mean…uhhh…

Eat some cheese.

I love eating cheese by itself. Honestly, I love eating cheese in all its glorious forms. But these cheeses taste great solo, and as a cheese connoisseur, I can assure you they're delicious.

Midnight Moon by Cypress Grove

Do you remember my GUSHING love letter to Cypress Grove? While I’ve tried many of Cypress Grove’s decadent and amazing goat cheeses, Midnight Moon, which is a creamy, nutty magic blast of goat milky goodness, remains at the top of every cheese list. If I had to pick one beloved cheese to rule them all…this might be the ringleader.

Farmstead Bay Blue by Point Reyes

This buttered-cracker flavored blue is AMAZING. It’s semi-firm and likened to a Stilton.  If you like blue cheese, this a really delicious cheese that I like to just sort of…eat. Who needs crackers anyway when you have a spoon?Cheese Sign

Apple Harvest Cheddar with Cinnamon by Maple Lead Farms

Oh man, you guys. So this is a family favorite. I think my cousin almost kissed me when I brought her some home from Wisconsin. You can more frequently find their cranberry and blueberry varieties, which are still pretty tasty…but it’s really hard to compare to this apply-cheddary goodness. Om nom nom.

Chocolate Cheddar by Trader Joe’s

This mecca for tasty, yet not too expensive cheese has a seasonal variety that should be making its way back into stores soon. Cheddar cheese with flecks of chocolate make this a dessert, breakfast or delicious snacking cheese. You’re quite welcome.

2014-11-15 14.22.20

Raspberry Bellavitano by Sartori

Sartori makes a lot of amazing cheeses, including an espresso bellavitano, but my favorite is still the raspberry. A flavor cross between a cheddar and a parmesan with a hint of raspberry makes this magic in a wheel.

Wisconsin Cheese Curds

If you are ANYWHERE near Wisconsin, might I recommend a day trip to pick up some fresh squeaky cheese?

Merkt’s Swiss

If you’re absolutely disgusting, like I am…you’ll appreciate eating spreadable cheese with a spoon. If you’re not…well try not to judge too much. Sometimes the calories are wasted on crackers when they’re completely unnecessary.

Photo from Merkt's Website

Photo from Merkt’s Website

Smoked String Cheese

Forget the regular string cheese and find yourself this smoky variety that tastes like fucking camping. CAMPING!

Mariek Gouda (any flavor)

You can find several styles of this creamy, flavorful gouda, including caraway seed, mustard seed, foenegreek (which gives it a maple-y flavor), and burning nettle melange. If you like gouda, I recommend giving one of these flavors a go.

Carr Valley Cocoa Cardona

This cheese is very mild & a little sweet with a  hint of chocolate flavor from the light dusting along the rind. I’m a huge fan of Carr Valley-they’re one of my favorite Wisconsin cheese labels. If you come across something from Carr Valley, give it a whirl. Oooh Marisa is a great Carr Valley option too!

This was a recent SnapChat post. Looks like dinner to me!

This was a recent SnapChat post. Looks like dinner to me! The middle cheese is Carr Valley Marissa, the front right is Midnight Moon. I’m not sure of the other two, but I’m sure they were delicious.

What’s your favorite cheese to eat solo? Do you prefer cheese on stuff or plan? What will you eat tonight to celebrate National Cheese Lover’s Day?

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