Sweet Baby Cheeses, We Found the Hidden Madonna

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I realize that my mother is probably going to kill me and I’m probably going to hell courtesy of that title. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.


So, a couple months ago, I told you about the random shit that was left in our house by the previous owners. As we started settling into the house, we began discovering more little things that the former owners left for us.

Heading down into the basement, Brian found this little log cabin hidden under the stairs. It was kind of cute, and he told me to pick it up. I reached for it and discovered little baggies of stuff beside it.

Log Cabin Incense Burner
Would you have spotted that right away?

My first thought and question for Brian?

Log Cabin Incense


I’m pretty sure he physically face palmed. “No, it’s for incense!” He was really excited about it. You burn the incense inside the log cabin and the smoke comes out the little chimney. The baggie was full of incense stuff.


Definitely less interesting.

Another, more interesting, and definitely more random little nugget of awesomely weird that we (okay fine, our friend whose name is also Brian) found was hidden in the rafters of our basement.


Meet Madonna
Meet Madonna

I don’t know how. I don’t know why. I certainly don’t know when…but this happened. In our house. Long before it was our house. Someone sketched a permanent marker Madonna in our home. And because it’s not quite clear that it’s Madonna, he or she politely labeled it for us.

It makes me wonder if there were teenagers living here in the 90’s. And what kind of people they were. And if the parents ever found out that the kids did this…or worse – if one of the adults did this little artistic piece for their own jollies. The handwriting (based on my very scientific teaching skills) looks like middle school or early high school writing…but what do I know? My chicken scratch looks a little like that sometimes…and it is practically on the ceiling…So there’s that.

Either way, I’m having a lot of fun imagining stories in my head of the possible family that lived here before us.

Have you left your mark on your home? Have you discovered someone else’s mark left on your home? Even better – if you decide to, what would you do to represent yourself in a place that you may not live in forever?

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8 Responses

  1. So, in our previous home, the toilet was super touchy. It would always flush super slow and it would always pretend like it was going to clog, but then would eventually drain. One day, while flushing it, I dropped a teeny bottle of baby shampoo into it. Which of course, went right down the drain. Since it was already messed up, we decided to buy a new toilet instead of trying to get the shampoo out.

    Being young and our first place that was ours, we decided to take the toilet out back and break it open. In the P trap (that was the best name that someone could come up with?) there was a full pair of dentures.

    Which would explain the toilet trouble.

    and THAT was the weirdest thing I’ve found from previous owners.

  2. When we moved into our house there was only one closet. Rather than hang a rod, the previous owner created row after row of nail “hooks”, the children had obviously been left unsupervised with a bingo dabber a time or two. Since then the closet had a rod and then was ripped out completely. Bingo dabber walls have been ripped out, old clothing that was taking the place of insulation has been replaced with the real stuff and the new walls have been patched an painted a few times.

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