Six Degrees of Separation: A Sad Song

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It’s such a small world in so many ways.

My girlfriend’s sister lived on the same street as my aunt. Now her kids go to the same school as my godson. One of my godson’s best friends is my other girlfriend’s son.

I sang karaoke with a dude who went to high school with my friend…and was married to a girl who’s best friend married another one of my friends.

I run into people I haven’t seen since high school or college on the train or at a restaurant.

We’re only as far away from one another as we are distanced by Facebook friends. Which often isn’t very far.

We find out where someone went to school, grew up, lives, works. Our first question is often, “Do you know ________?”

We seek out these connections. And we’re all surrounded by them. Six degrees of separation. Who needs Kevin Bacon when our world is this small?

And then there’s you. Impossible. Unreachable. You.

With the hundreds of connections I have on Facebook. The social media sites I’m active on, galore. The fact that you live no more than 20 miles from me (and that’s generous). But you’re invisible.

I realize I’m of another generation. But not by much. Most people of your world must have flocked to Facebook.

I say that, assuming you have people. Do you? Have people, I mean? Of course, I know you’re married. And I know you have a child (I think two). The internet is a beautiful thing. But do you have people? Friends? Family? Co-workers? People who beg you to be more active on Facebook?

Are you happy?

Have you made a life that makes up for what’s missing? For what you left behind?

Did you forget about us? Me? Your little sister who went and grew up without you. Who never forgot you. Who thinks about you more that she probably should. Who remembers every joke. Every story. Every song. With every fiber of my being.

Does it matter?

Blog friends, are you thinking about someone in your life that you haven’t seen in years? Do you have weird family stuff? Do you have an “six degrees of separation” stories? Tell me your story.

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6 Responses

  1. I totally have weird family stuff. It’s “interesting” to say the least.

    I have some mini-degrees of separation.

    Friend 1 is one of the girls from my real life bookclub. Friend 2 is just a friend who lives in my building and we met doing laundry one day. When friend 1 came over to my apartment for the first time she bumped into Friend 2 in the elevator and BOOM they went to elementary and high school together in a town nowhere near where we live now.

    The other one is Friend 1 is my bestest friend from University. We bonded over the most horrid professor and weird people in the class who tried to sit next to us. We sat next to each other to protect each other from the weirdo’s. After graduation I’m in the adult world and interviewing for jobs. Interviewer #1 and future boss is BOOM University friend’s sister.

  2. Not weird family stuff, but def weird friend stuff. And when we’ve managed to reconnect, 9 times out of 10 I realize we parted ways for a reason. Of course this is something I would have never understood without reconnecting, so in that sense it brings closure.

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