Rest in Pieces, Delilah: A Eulogy

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In honor of my dear friend of 19 years.

She was a true champion. We met the summer between 7th and 8th grade. She kept my little brother and I occupied, distracted, and entertained that first summer she arrived, when Mom was sick. She taught me about responsiblity, maintenance, and pride in a job well done. She helped me practice my flip flops in high school. She gave us a place filled with memories. Something to do early in the morning and late at night. She was the life of every party.

Although she had no name for much of our friendship, she will forever be known in my heart as Delilah. Thanks to a few beers with Dad and my little brother.

My brother sent me a picture last night as I was heading home on the train. And I knew. Delilah was a goner.


She passed slowly, starting last night, and carrying on until morning. Now, she’s merely an empty shell in my parents’ backyard.


I called Mom immediately to see what happened. Apparently everyone was in the pool but me. I had always joked that I wanted to be there when she exploded so, of course, my first comment was, “I can’t believe you didn’t wait for me!”

We had dozens of inside jokes, from Pool Cheese (Kraft singles, wrapped in plastic, still taste like Kraft singles-gross, even when they come from the bottom of the pool) to her name, Delilah, which Mom hated (I think it had something to do with naming inanimate objects).

My parents may get a new pool, but it’s also time to pass the torch. When I was a kid, Gram had a pool. Then, when that pool died, Mom got a pool. Now it’s my turn. House. Then pool. It’s the natural state of progression.

I made my way over to the parents’ place to say goodbye and offer my condolences to Dad, who was Delilah’s closest companion since I moved out.

For the last 5 years, Delilah had been living on borrowed time. Pool life support in the form of rusted caulk and Gorilla Glue. FIVE YEARS, you guys. I stand by Gorilla Glue for LIFE knowing that 10,000 gallons of water were held together wirh this magical glue…however unattractive it may be.


But in the end, the pool rusted out.


This is what the pole used to look like:


So here’s to Delilah. You were a reliable and loyal friend. You’ll be missed.

Did you ever have a pool? Do you want one? Have you ever witnessed a large appliance or structure in your home kick the bucket?

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15 Responses

  1. My parents had a pool for about 3 weeks a few summers ago. My dad decided it would be a great idea to set it up ON the deck.

    Until, he realized that the weight of the water was too much for the pool to handle… so, away it went.

    I don’t think I ever went into it.

  2. Swimming pools were a big part of my life in my elementary school years and teens. Being from hot, dry Southern California, they made me friends that weren’t so lucky to have one in their backyard in the summer. Later on, my family joined the migration of people to Orange County and I got to go to the beach all year round which was really cool. I can’t imagine living in some place like Texas and never having had that experience.

  3. I had a pool growing up and I always planned on having one for my own home….until my hydro bills started rising and rising. In print that looks like such a cop-out!…so…. in Delilah’s honour, I vow to research solar panels for a pool and revive one of my very favorite summertime past-times if it’s possible on our budget. Sorry to hear about Delilah, but thank you for the motivation!

  4. RIP Delilah! Not to make light of this, but it reminds me of a quote from Friends. Rachel’s uptight snobby doctor was talking about how they found rust on his boat. Ross made a joke and the dad says “You know what rust does to a boat? Rust is boat cancer, Ross.”

    1. She was here longer than either cat and all of the dogs. She won for longevity. Parents are replacing her. They can’t live with the “guarantee” that I’ll have a pool maybe next year.

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