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I didn’t know anyone in a tower.
I didn’t know any anyone on a plane.
But I know where I was. I know where my family and friends were. I know I will never forget.
On September 11, 2001, our worlds collided, fell, and were changed forever.
~Quirky Chrissy
New York, 2015
New York, 2015

For just a moment, take a break from your daily life and consider all that has happened since September 11, 2001.Maybe you graduated from high school/college/etc, got married, had kids, got divorced, or lost someone important to you. Maybe you’ve changed boyfriends or girlfriends. Maybe somewhere in there, you grew up. I know I did.

For twelve years, the United States has been fighting in a war against an idea. Our global economy has fallen lower than anyone ever would have expected. We have worked together as a country to provide disaster relief to victims of terrorist attacks, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, famine, and so much more.

We all have one goal in mind: a better, safer, existent tomorrow. So remember. Remember the victims. Remember the heroes. Remember the families. And if you have just a few seconds left in your moment, remember the goal. And forget about the fighting.

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3 Responses

  1. I still have a lot of anger about this date. As I researched what led up to it, I found that there was calculated indifference over what had happened prior to this date at the highest level. Policies were put into effect that reduced this nations ability to respond intelligently to this threat. The bright light for me was the response of a few passengers on flight 93 who fought with the hijackers and tried to seize control of the plane so it wouldn’t be crashed into the U.S. Capital. The brave passengers succeeded in that at least. I’ve had a chance to hear one man in person who was in a twin tower building and escaped with other people although horribly burned. I hope that this will be a day the good people in the USA never forget.

  2. I do know a woman whose husband was on the first plane, that hit the first tower. Just a few weeks ago, she said to me”This is not how I envisioned my future”…..She has a life. She has children,adult, high school and middle school. She is not poor. She has no partner,lover,husband. He will forever be “the Saint”.
    I said to her “I can’t imagine life without Larry”. She too couldn’t imagine life without her husband. But here it is 12 years later. Life goes on. Pain stays with them forever. Love lasts forever.
    I sent her a note yesterday, wishing her more laughter than tears and endless smiles.
    It would nice if we all had more laughter than tears. How lucky we would be.

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