Get Your Own Red Carpet Style (And Perhaps Join Me in My Julep Maven Obsession)

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Okay. So you all know I’ve got a bit of an addictive personality. Once I’m into something, I’m all in, guns blazin’. If you follow me on the Instagram, you’ve probably seen some of my nail art.

Julpe Mani

I’ve been playing with Julep polish since July and cannot. get. enough. Seriously. I have a friggin’ spreadsheet. A SPREADSHEET. A COLOR-CODED SPREADSHEET with all of the  polish colors that I own. Because I may have accidentally bought a few dupes in the beginning. But not any more!  I’m organized.

Just a small sampling of my 50+ colors...described mostly according to my own views of the colors
Just a small sampling of my 50+ colors…described mostly according to my own views of the colors

Anyways, crazy obsession aside, I thought that sharing the Julep love would be fun for you. Right now, you can get the Red Carpet Welcome Box (by signing up for a Julep Maven monthly subscription box) for JUST the $2.99 shipping cost when you use the code, “winner”. That’s 3 fancy pants polishes and an awesome gliding eyeliner for less than $3 (I use the eyeliner and adore it!). If you do plan on sticking with the monthly subscriptions for a while, I recommend the 3 month plan (which I regret not doing wholeheartedly) which will save $5 a month (for at least your first two months – after the free welcome box).

One of the things I love about my monthly Maven box is the customization that you’ll find with the monthly selections. You can swap out polishes, beauty products and other goodies to make it perfectly your own. You can even get a few add ons at discounted prices.
Red Carpet Welcome Box

  • Julep Maven isn’t super pricey if you love beauty products (and there are some really amazing ones out there!). You get over $40 of full-size products in every box for just $24.99 per month.
  • Julep Maven is the only customizable box of full-size, limited-run nail colors and beauty innovations. That means no surprises, no dupes or colors you don’t like. You can see what’s in your box each month and have the option of swapping out colors/products you already have or don’t want. Some boxes aren’t customizable, but they have more items in them (which I LOVE).
  • If you need to skip a month? It’s totally cool. Once you are a Maven and have paid for your first box, you can skip a month if you need to or you can gift your box to a friend – you have choices.
  • Mavens get oodles of benefits at Julep – like 20% off, free shipping, early access to secret sales and mother perks that make being a maven more fun.
  • A Maven subscription is also a great gift for the nail polish and beauty product lover in your life. Hint Hint BRIAN.

Join Maven now and the Red Carpet Welcome Box is FREE. ($58 value – just pay $2.99 Shipping). Enter the code WINNER at checkout.

Or, if you’re not into practically free welcome boxes…or you already have a Maven subscription…or you don’t want to sign up for a monthly box and you want to roll the dice with a magical mystery, the Cupid’s Mystery Clutch comes with two polishes, a sparkly clutch, and a whole bunch of secret mystery stuff thrown in for fun. (I’ve gotten several mystery boxes and they’re a GREAT way to build your collection of polish and full-size beauty products.)

Cupid's Mystery Clutch

So. Much. Magic!

Are you a Julep Maven? Have you tried Julep? Are you as obsessed as I am? What is your favorite beauty product?

This is not a sponsored post. I am a Julep Maven, but I am also a Julep affiliate. This post contains affiliate links that may earn me a few dollars should you decide to try Julep for yourself. As always, I never promote brands or products that I don’t believe in.

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10 Responses

  1. Yeah I have like 4 bottles of nail polish and they’re all shades of grey/lavender and black. No wait, I lie. I have a dark navy as well. I totally wouldn’t know how to deal with 50+ not to mention, how do you use them that fast and not have them dry out with age?

    And tee hee for the mittens I made you making another appearance.

    1. I change my polish about twice a week and use multiple colors in each mani.

      Haven’t gotten to the age where they start to dry out yet, but Brian thinks I need to start giving some away LOL.

      And those mittens are AWESOME.

      1. And the bottles are a bit smaller than other brands I guess. The full size bottles that I bought in the summer are already starting to dry out so the life span of opened nail polish is probably less than a year.

        I finally made a pair for myself. I’m working on my first sweater so soon I’m going to do a post and will include pics of the stuff I made over the holidays. And what I’ve been working on since then….socks!!!

          1. I could but it’s a lot of overhead to buy the supplies for this stuff and knit it in advance on the hopes you sell it. The alternative is knitting based on orders and the turnaround time isn’t that fast because I have a life and a job. But I’ve thought about it. For now I’ll stick to making things for loved ones and myself. Next year everyone is getting socks.

  2. I am an Ipsy box fan. super cheap (10 bucks a month) and all kinds of nifty things are in the bags. What’s really neat, is not only do I get a bunch of things I wouldn’t spend the money on in the store for cheap, a lot of times they are full sized too. And various things that I would have never purchased on my own, whether because of color or just not thought of.

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