Real Talk About Babies

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So, now that we’re married, Brian and I have been having the baby conversation. You know, because we’re not spring chickens or anything. Note, before we get things going here: I AM NOT PREGNANT. Okay good. Glad we got that out of the way.

Our youngest wedding guest
This was our youngest wedding guest. I’m just smitten with the little boy I call Cap’t.

The conversation has kinda gone something like this.

Me: Brian, I want a little girl. If I don’t get a little girl, it’s all. your. fault.

Brian:  Oh really?

Me: Yep.

Brian: I see.

And, sometimes, it goes like this:

Me: Do you want a girl or a boy?

Brian: It’s probably cliche, but I don’t really care, you know, if it’s healthy. Some people really want, like, a mini me.

Me: …

Brian: You know like a miniature version  of themself…

Me: …

Me: starts nodding enthusiastically

Brian: I take it that’s what you want?

Me: Don’t YOU want a Mini-Me? Not like a Mini-You…a Mini-Me. A Mini-Chrissy. Can’t you just imagine living with two of us!?


And SOMETIMES, it goes like this:

Me: I want all the babies!!

Brian: Oh yeah?

Me: Yep. I want a Mini-Me and a little boy who loves me forever. And what if our first little girl is nothing like me? We’d obviously have to try again. You know, until we get it just right.


And then there are the times it goes like this:

Me: Brian, will you still love me if I get pregnant and am totally crazy?

In other news, I think he’s warming  up to the idea of us getting a dog.

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6 Responses

  1. Okay, but can I please give persuade you that boys are INCREDIBLE? There’s a mother-son magical connection that is like nothing else!

    I mean, have one of each. Three, ideally. Auntie Samara will babysit.

  2. If you want to skip the entire cute and cuddly baby stage, I have two teenagers that I would be willing to part with

  3. I want babies!!!..And a mini grandma is O. K. too…She may be like me…or Anna’s…or both! Soon please…love you. I guess I’d love a dog too.

  4. Babies are great and terrifying all at the same time. One minute they’re melting your heart. The next they’re turning your hair gray. Overall…totally worth it.

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