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After last night’s engagement photo shoot, I realized to my great dismay that I am not a photographer. I know this may surprise you, what with my killer Snapchat history, but it’s true. Our photographer, Joy, was perfectly lovely, and spoke of cameras and lenses the way Brian speaks of computery programmery things…or the way I speak of cheese. Using a language specific to the passion.

Despite my lack of skills, I thought I’d share some of my finer moments of photography.

What’s on my phone?

We’ll start with my ability to capture moving subjects. Drunk girls can’t sit still, apparently.

Erma Bombeck and awesome writers including Gina Barecca
Sometimes, I take fuzzy selfies with my writer friends posing with Gina Barecca – who’s awesome.

I really enjoy capturing random subjects. Like dinosaur meeples from board games.

dinosaur meeple
Like when I take photos of dinosaurs to send my friend, Smash…and then I never send them.

Other times, I pretend I’m an archictural photographer and snap shots of buildings in the city.


And then, when I’m in Florida, I think I’m a nature photographer. Look out, National Geographic.  I’m coming for you.


But, when it comes to the things I love…I think I’ve got this photo thing down.

I’m a foodtographer.


And a cheesetographer.


And a Briantographer.


And a yogatographer.


And a selfietographer. Of course.


I guess we’re all photographers in our own right…but I’ll leave the big stuff to the professionals.

What are some of your favorite photos in your phone?

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12 Responses

  1. My fave is the one of you doing a plank, because you’re so strong!
    Followed closely by cheese, and you with Brian.
    I can’t decide which is my fave! I love all of them!!

  2. Ohhh gorgeous and YES to you being a yogatographer – you’re AMAZING and I love seeing your poses and finding inspiration to even TRY some of them (I still think that handstand was my crowning moment). The pic of you and Brian is gorgeous.

    I am a friendtographer and a flowertographer, as well as a skytographer.

  3. I love your photography…and your story. Writers capture memories with words, and these photos are story prompts. I take snaps of everything, and then have to ‘plain why I have an artsy pic of a grass blade, or abandoned boy shoes in front of the toilet 🙂
    Ps: your yoga pics are my favorite!

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