Can Someone Come Over and Pack My Shit?

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Hey Blog Friends.

Sorry about, you know…my mini-disappearing act. Things are getting hectic around here…we’re moving in T minus 11 days, and the only things that are packed around here are the Christmas dishes…because It was almost April and we were still using the Christmas dishes. Because it was too cold to bring up the non-Christmas dishes from the unattached garage…and then we were going to be moving. And so it was just silly to switch out dishes that were going to get packed up in less than a few months…and I’m totally making excuses, but as it stands now, we’re using paper plates and really crappy paper bowls and sometimes eating soup out of mixing bowls or small pots. Basically we’re doing exactly what I typically call Brian out on through Instagram photos.

So maybe there are a few more things packed. Like the pot that I thought I needed the other day. And about 70% of my game collection is living at my parents’ house (which seems to both disgust my mother and impress my brother) because 1. I can’t bear to leave it all in storage without easy access, 2. You can only fit a couple of games in a single box and 3. I’m afraid of the amount of storage unit space they would take up…And there are bigger fish to fry in the storage unit.

Okay, and I’ve gone through two rounds of clothes packing. Two rounds of, I don’t think I’ll need these clothes for the duration. Two rounds of, Dear God please let us not still be there when fall comes back because I have some ridiculously cute fall clothes that I’m rolling up into storage bins. Two rounds of, I really should probably donate these pants that are 4 sizes smaller than my current pant size, but I don’t care because I really like them. 

Our weekends are filled with birthdays and weddings and anniversaries and a million other things that keep us ridiculously busy…and unpacked. And of course, even though we live in the same residence and share all the things…everything but the computer stuff, several random boxes of randomness that haven’t been unpacked since we moved here 18 months ago and his clothes seems to be mine. And Brian keeps saying that he doesn’t want to pack my stuff (as in my kitchen stuff, my bathroom stuff, my chatchkis, my art, my games, my linens, my food) because he feels he’ll inevitably do it wrong. Because packing is apparently one of my “things.” Okay, sure…I have a few OCD tendencies…I got a little crazy with TSA when they dug through my skunky Disney suitcase…okay and maybe he’s concerned that I’ll get upset or have to redo the packing…

But here we are with 8 days to pack up all our stuff and each day seems to fill up with work, gym, life, etc. So I’m going to ask nicely…

Can someone please come over and pack my shit stuff?

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  1. Ok Chrissy I will be there today at 8am to pack for you :o). How’s that for a lie…..I myself am sort of going through the same thing. We will be moving, but as of right now I don’t know when. The reason? The condo which is closer to my daughter is in the process of being painted, walls changed, tile being installed, closets being worked on, new faucets and many other things that have to be completed. The problem? The work is not being done at the same pace that I am packing, so I have stopped packing. Now we have Easter knocking at the door and right after that we have to fly up to N.Y. for a wedding, and of course we are taking extra time in N.Y. to visit family and friends, Oh and in between my beautiful granddaughter is coming to stay with us for Easter break, she’s seven, I am seventy, and being that her mother (my daughter) will be in her last trimester in May (she is pregnant) and will not be able to make the wedding in N.Y. the little one is coming with us so she can spend time with her cousins. See, I have nothing better to do. :o)

  2. If I could I would come over and host a pack party! I would serve destination inspired cocktails and whore-derves and even little gift bags for the guests after they have earned them packing their little hearts out! (Ok, the gift bags are really just plastic grocery bags filled with your shit. But don’t worry its only the stuff your friends commented on that you really didn’t even remember you had.) Yep, that’s exactly what I would do for you! Too bad I am two states away begging people to pack my shit too.

    1. Oh yeah. I still have the kitchen mat on the floor, the door draft guards (that keep the wind from chilling our apartment), and the snowman welcome mat. Whoops! Happy April! 😀

  3. Breathe. And just do it. And if you’re going to pack another season’s clothes away, make sure it’s all together and clearly marked because you never know. I had to open like 10 boxes to find all of mine because I was convinced it was only going to be like 2 months. WRONG

    1. Agh! Don’t scare me! We’ll have our own place in a few short months, right? Right? *crickets*

      We bought new bins specifically for clothes, so we’ll be able to access them. Thank God. (And then we’ll use them for Christmas decor after we’ve unboxed the clothes.)

  4. Forgetaboutit! I think now’s the time to let your sweetie go through you stuff and throw the crap he knows you don’t need for a quick trip to the Goodwill or have a garage sale. It’s truly amazing what people will buy.

  5. Wish I could help you, but I’ve done more than enough packing to last me a lifetime. Three moves in one year is enough to make anyone go insane. But sending you positive reinforcement through random subliminal messages. *does the wavy hand thing* And enjoy the new place!

    1. Thanks!! Three moves in a year sounds awful. We’re doing the first of two moves in *hopefully* a matter of months…but all of our stuff is going into storage right now.

      *catches wavy hand messages* Wheeeeee!

      1. Oh no! Not a storage container. They are a black hole where your money disappears. Seriously consider letting your sweetie get rid of the stuff you don’t need. Be kind and don’t let your inner medusa arise.

        1. It’s unavoidable. All of our stuff is going into storage, but only until we buy a house. We’re moving into Brian’s dad’s house until we find our house…and are only bringing clothes and immediate needs stuff.

  6. Packing is the worst! But, since I looooove throwing things away, I do get a feeling of satisfaction from it. Have you considered hiring someone to help? I know packers/movers are $ but it could be worth what you save in sanity.

      1. Those are the moments when I wonder if it’s worth taking a job across the country just so the company would have to pay for all your moving, including wrapping up your makeup in bubble wrap. Sigh.

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