Monday Memories: Because Polish Girls Have Some Crazy Arm Hair…

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Today, thanks to Lily from It’s a Dome Life, our Monday Memory is all about Beauty Gone Painful. I’ve already told you about that one time I accidentally cut a giant bald spot in my hair (Seriously, go read that) And there was the time that I was visiting my aunt and we took some SERIOUS glamour shots…This one is all about unpleasant hair.

I’m Polish. (And Irish. And English. And German. And Jewish-ish. And probably a little bit Scottish.)

So regardless of the blond hair as a child, the brownish hair speckled with gray hiding under the red dye, I have some black as black can be arm hair. Or I would if I didn’t shave it all off weekly.

Yep. I shave my arm hair. But long before I thought to just…you know…shave it all off…my little sister and I invested in NADS Australian no-heat wax. With money from my grandfather.

We thought that it would be an excellent way to get rid of that pesky arm hair. And so we lathered ourselves up, and let that shit dry. The we let-er-rip. Holy fucking crap, did that shit hurt. It was like trying to get gum out of your hair and pulling your hair and stabbing your skin and burning your skin (no-heat wax or not) all at once. And it didn’t even do a good job. So what did we do? We tried our legs. And that didn’t work at all because apparently your hair has to be ridiculously long for it to work.

The lesson? Even if it leaves the occasional need for Mickey Mouse Band-Aids…Bust out the razor.


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  1. Damn I got lucky. I was blonde as a kid and my hair went darker and curlier as I got older. But I managed to retain the fine blonde hair on my arms so I leave it.

    My best beauty gone wrong story was when I was in high school my friend Amanda and I decided to try these little pink buffer things that said it would gently remove your body hair with no shaving. Yeah right. What they ended up being was fine grain sand paper and took off not only our hair but a few layers of skin. We ended up having to soak our legs in ice water and wrap them in ice packs to help deal with the swelling and searing pain.

    I distinctly remember us sitting on the floor of her living room with our legs wrapped in cold wet towels watching tv while her brother shook his head at us. FUN TIMES.

    Btw…it may be worth waxing your arms. Those pre-done strips work really well and over time it will grow in finer and finer. I use them on my legs all the time. You get a lot longer between treatments than shaving.

  2. I don’t have any crazy beauty mishaps, although I did cut my own hair once. And I don’t mean as a little kid, I was in my mid-20s. At the time, I ALWAYS pulled it back in a pony tail. I didn’t really think (or at least, didn’t care) how bad it would look if I ever wore it down. I was just sick of how long it had gotten, and I didn’t have a stylist in the area, and apparently decided that cutting it myself was somehow better than going to a discount chain salon? I know, doesn’t make much sense. But I chopped a good 6 inches off, it was still plenty long to pull back and look decent, and I got a funny look from my stylist the next time I was back there.

    1. Ha! Nice. Whenever I’ve gone to the discount chains, I’ve ended up having to go home and use the scissors to even it out anyways. I think you just saved yourself a few bucks!

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