Monday Memories: Hoarder? Who, me?

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Today’s Memories are all about childhood collections. I have a feeling that my soul sister in New Mexico (Lily from It’s a Dome Life) is going to have a similar tale to tell, so go check her out!

So I may or may not have mentioned my childhood bedroom. I collected everything. EV-RE-THING. It looked like a tornado had come through, tossing Barbies, Barbie clothes, books, dress up clothes, Cabbage Patch Dolls Little People, She-Ra, My Little Pony, trolls, cassette tapes, key chains, buttons, pins, patches, birthday cards, photographs, and a crap ton of LEGOs around like a boss. The piles of single socks, clothes, and toys that adorned the floor of my bedroom was astounding. In a not-cool sort of way. For some reason if everything was “organized” in a pile, it was okay…for me anyways.

These days, I still have piles of clean laundry (in a laundry basket, though). But my crazy collections have finally ceased. Sort of.

The Nook helps with the book hoarding. It really does. I saved only the cards that have personal notes in them. or the ones that were from my grandparents. or the really funny ones. But I got rid of the dumb ones. The Barbies and their accessories are boxed up on my parents garage shelves…collecting dust, but who cares. They’re freakin’ Barbies! With pretty dresses! The trolls, little people, she-ra, and the ponies disappeared, though I’m not sure where. Mom gave away all of my children’s books. I suppose that’s what happened to everything else. I mean, I’ve still got the important stuff. The original CPKs.The BARBIES. The Disney VHS tapes…You know…the important stuff.

Now I just collect…clothes. And shoes. And purses. That I don’t wear or use. And seashells. That are sitting in shoe boxes on my closet shelf.

OK. So maybe I’m still a hoarder. Just a little bit. But I mean…two closets and three dressers full of clothes. Plus several Rubbermaid crates…Hmmm…Maybe I should get rid of things I don’t wear.

Well if that wasn’t the rambliest post ever, I don’t know what is. Next Monday, we’ll be writing about BOOK MEMORIES! Write about your favorite memories with Lily and I. Just let us know that you’re in so we can link to you!

Did you collect strange things when you were a kid? Did you collect anything?

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12 Responses

  1. You forgot bouncy balls…EVERYWHERE!!! I still find an occasional one in the backyard. Then began there journey with you and Brian, opening your and his window. With that you guys would bounce away,the patio,sidewalk,trees….whatever it could hit,it did.

  2. OMG I need to come organize your stuff. Seriously. Apparently when I was little and went to play at other kids houses I used to “organize” their toy box. No joke.

  3. We need to start a campaign to turn the word “hoarder” into something positive and awesome that other people wish they could be. That way we can keep all of those clothes and cards and nonsense we never use, but can’t seem to get rid of!

  4. I wonder what it is about being a child that makes you want to collect things. Maybe it’s an absence of any other currency, or lack of control in other aspects of their lives? It’s fascinating 🙂

    I’m too OCD to collect things any more, the downside being that I accidentally threw away my W2 tax forms, my best friend’s Save the Date, and pretty much every essay I wrote in grade school!

    1. OH! That is an excellent observation about currency and control. LOVE it.

      oh man! I wish I still had all of my old essays. I have a few, but not all. 🙂

      My OCD tendencies are absurd. Some things require meticulousness and others—throw that shit to the wind!

  5. I had a lot of Barbiers, too! Now my niece plays with them so I guess its the nice part of keeping them for all these years…:)
    Now I “collect” high heels and…dictionaries. The nicest combination, isn’t it?
    I hate “e-” versions of dictionaries or grammar books. I really need to have something printed out in order to be able to trust it 😉 So there it goes: English-English Merriam-Webster dictionary (that weighs over zillion kilograms, I am sure!), Russian-English, Polish-Russian, German-Polish, Russian-German, Latin, Latvian…I even have Turkish-Polish even though I can only say a couple of sentences in Turkish…But well, maybe one day I will need it! 🙂

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