Have I Mentioned That I’m a Hypochondriac?

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OK, so y’all are PROBABLY going to think I’m crazy (if you don’t already…and if you really don’t, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?) after reading this…but it needs to be said.

In addition to the unhealthy fear that I will have MS (ever since watching the Annette Funicello Story when I was a kid) and the irrational fear of botulism…I’ve recently begun having new thoughts when it comes to my health and well-being.

Perhaps. Maybe. I might possibly. Have a gluten intolerance. Or full blown Celiac’s Disease.

You see, I’ve had some…let’s say digestive issues…for a while now.

And recently, I discovered that headaches can be a direct effect of a gluten intolerance. And have I told you about the crazy headaches I sometimes get? In which I have to wrap my head in a heating pad after popping a whole handful of over-the-counter pills in order to fall asleep?

And then yesterday I GOOGLED the canker sore in my upper lip, you know because maybe they’ve come up with a new way to kill canker sores, amiright? And you know what I found, BLOG FRIENDS?

Celiac’s Disease. Causes. Canker sores.

And Google doesn’t lie. Especially when Google is advised by WebMD.

For the past month or so, I’ve been reading labels, learning what I may have to give up, savoring every piece of bread, noodle, cupcake, cookie, muffin, bagel like it might be my last…deciding “I can do it.” and “Oh God no! Not the cookies! Not the breakfast sandwiches!”

And so Blog Friends, I think I’m going to go find out for real about this one. What would you do?

If I think that I'm a hypochondriac, does that mean that I am one?

Do you ever feel like a hypochondriac?

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12 Responses

  1. I’m the one telling myself that the broken wrist I had was just a bruise and needed some ice. I literally prolong going to the Dr or Hospital until I’m pretty sure I’m actually dying.

  2. Yes my child..you did not start the hypochondrism til 11 or 12 years old. But yes, many women are the same. I feel like one, and yet most things I am hospitlized and antibiotics interveniously, or removed. So, I mat NOT be one,but feel as though I am one. I do believe this may have been the ssue for years and you are self diagnosed. STOP EATING WHEAT and the other bad stuff. Love you.

  3. I dunno dude. One time I went to the doctor and she was all “your thyroid is enlarged! Perhaps that is why you are depressed and chubby!” So they did the blood test. It was fine. Turns out I just have a fat neck in addition to my other issues. So. There’s that.

  4. I’m definitely a hypochondriac. Every little ache and pain could be a serious life threatening condition. I don’t hide it. Most everyone I know knows what horrible illness I think I might have. The internet only makes everything worse. The good thing about it is that my worries about having possibly life threatening diseases give me something to blog about.

  5. Family secrets. My father was a full blown hypochondriac. He was reasonably affluent so anytime anything MIGHT be wrong he had to go to the doctor. It got much worse when he retired. Too much time on his hands: disc surgery, nerve to his ear cut because of dizziness, back problems and in his own mind, it was ALL physical. Strangely enough, none of the doctors helped. He married my mother who was a nurse of course.
    I have inherited some of this although I try to keep it in check. It’s not very attractive to most women (unless they are natural born caregivers). Life is to be enjoyed, not suffered through!

  6. I’m like the opposite of a hypochondriac, I just feel like if I ignore a problem it will eventually go away. It drives my husband (a huge hypochondriac) nuts and he always has to make me go to the doctor. I think if I got cancer I’d be all like “eh, it’s probably not reeeeeally cancer” then I’d die and my husband would be all “told you so” (through his sobs, of course).

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