Meanwhile, a Little Awkwardness in the Ladies’ Room…

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Holy crap, you guys. Brian and I are safely in California, checked into hotel number one of three for the first leg of our trip, and I already have 27 thousand things to tell you.

The Pros and Cons of Midol

I pack VERY light when it comes to my carry-on luggage, if I can help it. Not so much with the checked luggage, though…I check everything, thanks to Southwest’s Bags Fly Free policy.

Yes, my suitcases are that big...and that girly.

So when I realized my sinus infection headache was not going away after Allegra, Sudafed, and an antibiotic, I also realized I had packed the Advil in my suitcase. I ran to the shop for a quick headache relief solution, only to be appalled by the gouging prices of everything…except Midol.

I hadn’t used Midol since college, before I started the pill to help dull the effects of my period. But a dude-friend of mine swore by it in college, for obviously non-feminine reasons.

I swear to God, you guys, it was a magic little half-priced pill. I started feeling it break up my headache within minutes. Within an hour, it was gone.

Of course, three hours into our flight, I had to pee…in the teeny tiny bathroom. Insert expletives about the size of my hips here.

I can’t claim that this is 100% correlation so much as coincidence, but I’m telling you…Midol brought my monthly curse right there on the plane. And also a weird dream about my lady eggs. Fucking Midol.

My Whoops Moment in the Airport Bathroom

After our hour plus delay at Midway Airport in Chicago, we arrived safely at SFO. Having only used that sorry excuse for a bathroom on the plane once in a 4 hour trip, I had to pee immediately.

I went into the ladies’ room where there was a crowd of women and just one older woman with a little guy in front of me. She was checking a door to see if someone was in there, but it didn’t open, so she told the little boy, “Nope. Someone is in there.” I noticed that the first stall was empty by peering into the little door hole, and instead of taking it for myself, I pulled it wide open for the little boy and his mom or grandma (not sure which), while I stood behind the door, proudly being helpful. She looked at me, horrified. “Nope. Someone is in there.”

I slowly closed the door, and looked around, nervously. A sweet teenage girl tried to reassure me that it was probably no big deal, but I considered running out of the bathroom faster than I had ever run in my entire life. But thrn my overwhelming urge to pee won, and I stared at every stall waiting for one to open.

The toilet flushed in the stall I had opened. It was now a race between 7 other stalls and this lady. I just needed one to open so I could quickly duck inside. Her stall was about to open, when another miraculously became available. I dashed in, just as the woman was about to walk out. I saw a flash of color from her skirt before I was safely in my own stall.

When I walked out to wash my hands, I’m pretty sure she was still there, taller and scarier than I hoped…she could totally beat the crap out of me…but I walked (or slinked…one of those) to the sink next to her with my head down, avoiding all eye contact with anyone. I washed my hands and raced out of there, paper towels still in hand. I gave Brian the look that says OMG let’s go go go.

“Awkwardness in the bathroom?”
“OK then.”

And we moved on to baggage claim.

What are your thoughts on Midol? Have you ever accidentally opened a bathroom stall? Have you been walked in on?

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6 Responses

  1. HAHAHAHA!!! Chrissy! Oh my gosh it is SO funny when it doesn’t happen to you!! I would be mortified on both sides, but likely, from where I am sitting… FUNNY!!! Glad you are safe, and that midol helped, and if you look at it from a ‘white pants on the first day of Blogher ’14’ perspective, starting in the plane cracker jack box loo is not such a bad thing!


  2. LOL there’s nothing in Midol that can mystically call to your period. And the reason why it’s so awesome for things like hangovers and headaches is that it has a bit of a muscle relaxer in it, which just makes your whole body feel good.

    And yes, I’ve been walked in on….thankfully I was sitting and my shirt covered my lap….because it was at work. The lock was broken.

  3. I’ve never in my life heard of a dude taking Midol and I’m sure that I wouldn’t have the balls to do so even right now. Headache relief or not, there’s something about it that makes me think I’ll grow boobs or something, if I take one. Wait, my own boobs? NO! I won’t, I won’t.

    I’ve walked in on dudes in a stall when they don’t lock it because they’re taking a leak. One of my pet peeves is men who do that when there are urinals available for leak takings! Pissing all over the seats where other men have to poop is rude! Enjoy your trip!!

  4. I took Midol once and it made me feel more ill. I think it has caffeine in it and that didn’t sit well with me. Of course, I never go anywhere without a party mix of pills in my purse. You know. For parties that involve headaches, cramps, allergies, and upset stomachs.

    1. Oh I’ve totally become that woman who could survive the zombie apocalypse out of my purse…every pill you could ever need plus food and basic first aid. Because that’s the way I roll

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