I’m Loving the Selection of Bad Horror Movies on Netflix

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Last week, I was at a party, scarfing queso like it was my last meal on earth, when the conversation turned to B horror movies and Netflix. Something I never even considered. I mean…sure I use Netflix to binge watch TV shows and enjoy my favorite chick flicks. But I didn’t even think about watching some of the weird-ish stuff they’ve got going on. And what was I thinking waiting this long to do so!?

The girl who brought up the topic suggested I watch Big Ass Spider, and by suggested, I mean HIGHLY RECOMMENDED this comedic, horrific piece of cinematic glory. I knew I was going to watch it. It was all a matter of when.

Big Ass  Spider

So on Friday night, I got home from C2E2 (more on that later) after a very long, emotional day (post-Grey’s Anatomy disaster). I stumbled into the house covered in exhaustion. My feet were swollen and blistered from all the walking. I felt the sweat and grease and other acky shit coating my body. And really needed a deliciously hot bath. So  I grabbed my tablet, some fancy bath stuff and a towel and readied myself for a little bathtime Netflix.

Oh yeah, I don’t mess around, y’all. Tablets are like mini TVs, perfect for watching stuff Brian definitely wouldn’t. He’s got a thing about spiders, so I knew this movie wouldn’t be for him.

The opening sequence shows a GIGANTIC spider taking over the top of a skyscraper and Greg Grunberg (Heroes!) getting up from the ground amidst chaos. And at that point, I knew it was going to be fantastic. The movie didn’t disappoint, with a science experiment weapon/arachnid gone awry, an unlikely hero, his even more unlikely sidekick and a hot chick with bad lines for the hero to swoon for.

It was everything I hoped it would be and more. I laughed my ass off, and ignored the pop-out-and-scare you moments (because no one wants to dream of giant spiders jumping out at them.). If you’re not a fan of DISGUSTINGLY gory scenes, and you enjoy a little ridiculous sci-fi-esque B horror flicks, might I recommend Big Ass Spider? I’m planning on checking out a few more of these movies for my own amusement. I’ll keep you posted if I find anything noteworthy.

What are you watching on Netflix? What’s on your “that looks weird and interesting” list? What’s your favorite B movie?

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While this is not a sponsored post, Netflix hooked me up with a year’s subscription and a device on which to watch really awful, but hilarious B-movies. But I was a Netflix subscriber long before joining the Stream Team. So there’s that. 

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  1. I love bad horror flicks. Sharknado was awesome. Recently I watched “Girl’s Gone Dead” which is amazingly bad all the way to the implausible ending. Lots of nudity though, if you’re against that. Classroom of The Dead, and Zombie Strippers is also a lot of fun.

      1. A group of unreasonable good looking people are kidnapped and locked in a room with a lot of sharp / dangerous implements, they’ve had an implant in the Base of their brain column and then have to.inflict pain on themselves / each other in order to make their brains secrete a chemical. When they’ve secreted enough between them they’re told they’ll be able to leave..

        There’s fingernail pulling, hot irons on bare skin and all that gross stuff

  2. I watched Big Ass Spider with a friend a while back, and what a highly satisfying experience it was too. Bad horror movies are sometimes the glue that holds life together.

    If you’re looking for another craptastic offering, try Piranha 3DD. I don’t know if it’s on Netflix or not (and I can’t be bothered to check), but if it isn’t then watch it on whatever format you can because it’s hilarious!

      1. The best thing about these movies is that they *know* they are bad movies. I love it when the actors are clearly enjoying the fuck out of the terrible script and hamming it up to kingdom come as well.

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