Live Blogging from the Car…Because Brian Doesn’t Like to Talk Before Noon

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We’re on our way to Gen Con. And I’m bored. So the plan is to live blog from my phone (so please excuse typos and autocorrect) until we get there. Or the vertigo kicks in. One of those.

Got any pressing questions for me? Readysetgo. (This won’t work without your participation, so help me out.)

Dressing up: I thought about doing it, but 1. Figured I’d go as myself and more importantly 2. Was too lazy to dig through Halloween boxes for one of my costumes.

I NEED a car this obnoxious:


Wheelie Sneaks: nope, not wearing them…I don’t like wearing them for long periods of time, and that’s what gen con is…so comfy sneaks and sandals for me.

BTW, does anyone else hate the new Google maps app?

When road trips consist of flatlands and sky, we play my favorite game…find the penis shapes.


Find anything?

So it’s now after noon. I know this because Brian started talking to me. “We’re coming up on the field of giants.” Referring to the crazy amount of windmills in this area. It’s actually scary impressive at night…like the last time we went to gen con and it was like 11 when we passed this spot.



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  1. Hmm, seem to have some trouble with this Blog posting. I’ll try one more time. The Gen Con thing sounds cool especially for the Midwest. I’d probably go as Colonel Mustard, a character in the game *Clue*. Being a great white hunter or a colonial imperialist kinda appeals to me 😉

      1. Probably more like that character in Hemmingway’s short story “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber” which I had to read in high school.

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