Lions and Tigers and Beers Oh MY!

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Yes. Yes I did say beers. Not bears. Beers.  Saturday night was my goodbye to beer party. OK, really it was Living Social’s Beerfest at the Zoo…but what a way to say goodbye to my gluten-y beer. Amiright?  (Yes, I’m giving up gluten for the next several months [and possibly forever] to find out if I have gluten sensitivity. This is a decision my doctor and I discussed together–kids don’t try this at home…but anyways…more on that later) So we paid a bunch of money to go to the free zoo after hours, drink beer, listen to tunes, and eat snacks (OK, other people paid a bunch of money…Chrissy was frugal and got 3 of her pals to sign up so that she got it for free #lovelivingsocial). Aside from the ridiculous overcrowding and the less-than-worth-it VIP tickets, it was a great time with beer, friends and food trucks.

Of course, 3 days later and I still feel like crap–so maybe this gluten-free thing isn’t such a bad idea…Aaaaanyways.

Unfortunately, sleeping animals don’t photograph well at night with Smart Phones, otherwise you would totally have the cutest most ridiculously adorable pictures on the planet right now. Especially chimpanzees. OMG I love them so much right now. Because they sleep all cute and human like.

So you’ll have to settle for ridiculous pictures of my people.

Beer and Tigers. Yes.
Beer in the cat house? Okay!
Feed the animals beer!
She was brilliant. I copied her idea the rest of the night…feeding beer to the fake statues.
Stupider like a fox
Yep. 30 minutes in and I got in trouble for climbing on the display. It was a platform. Platforms are made to be stood on. I thought. The guy was so flabbergasted like he just couldn’t understand that this entire event was one giant photo op.
drunk ride on the carousel
Hello drunk ride on the carousel! I don’t know if there’s a happier place to be…Oh other than Disney World.




monkeys and beer
The last animals that I fed for the night. Right outside the ape house.









See. She's brilliant.
See. She’s brilliant.

Living Social Beer Fest

Living Social Beer Fest 7

Living Social Beer Fest 6

Living Social Beer Fest 2

How was YOUR weekend, blog friends?

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10 Responses

  1. Damn. Good luck. I tried Gluten free and found that in general I’m just sensitive to processed carbs. It doesn’t make me sick or anything but I feel like crap. I hope you’re NOT gluten intollerant because the fake gluten-free bread and baked stuff is typically nasty.

    1. Thanks lovely! Some of the gluten-free stuff I’ve had isn’t bad (part of my decision was based on my trial run of testing out the important stuff…gluten free pizza, which was pretty good.) I know that I feel awful after eating a lot of breads or drinking a lot of beer…so I’m hoping it helps.

  2. Gluten free can be a breeze once you know what you’re doing. My husband has been gluten free for over a year now. Stay away from prepackaged gluten free cakes and breads. They are crap and will leave you feeling just as bad as any other processed junk food.

    1. Thanks for the pointers! It seems like it’s definitely something that I can do–we cook at home a lot. I don’t eat a ton of bread, but it’s good to know that there are some decent ones out there (like the other day at a party with Italian beef sandwiches–I had a gluten free roll so I wasn’t “missing out”)

  3. Looks like you had a great time! I don’t drink the beers either….. have you tried ciders? They are gluten free and we love them! Oh and thank you for my mug!! I LOVE it!!

    1. It was SOOOO awesome. And if giving up beer makes me feel better all over…I’ll take that any day. Just as long as I don’t have to give up cheese. That would never happen.

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