Four Leaf Clovers: Rare, My Irish Arse

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Garden of Four Leaf Clovers

Yep, I said it. Four leaf clovers are about as rare to me as a McDonald’s. Fucking everywhere. Or at least easy to find.

You see, somehow, the front yard at my parents house is like a garden of four leaf clovers. Shamrocks, if you will. Ever since I was a little kid, all we had to do was peer through the patches of clovers for a minute or two to find one. Search for 10 minutes, and we’d be stocked up for all of our friends.

You think I’m making this shit up? When the ground thaws, and stuff starts growing again in these icy suburbs, I’ll take pictures and prove it to you. For now, you’ll have to take me at my words. Which should be enough, dammit!

The Three Leaf Clover on My Ankle

When I got the clover tattoo on my ankle (my second tattoo), I had several reasons for it. It was Labor Day 2008, and my grandma had passed away that spring. My family’s Irish pub had closed that summer. I needed to feel empowered. So I went, all by myself like a big girl, without telling anyone, to get a tattoo.

Three Leaf Clover Tattoo
Why a three leaf clover instead of four? I’m not that lucky.

More Irish Shenanigans to come this week, kids. Get excited!

Do you have any tattoos? Are they symbols? Tell me about them! If you don’t have one, would you? What would you get?

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10 Responses

  1. I waited until I turned 41 to get my first tattoo (my husband’s name with Korean symbols for ‘love’ and ‘family’ on either side – he got the same thing with my name on him). Over the next two years, I got two more (a yin/yang with my kids’ names around it and an angel heart – a heart with wings and a halo). That’s enough for me!

  2. I want one but have never come up with a design or saying that I know I would love for the rest of my life. I’m terrified of getting something permanent on my body and hating it 10 years from now.

  3. Ha!! You have four leaf clovers all over your front yard and a three leaf clover on your ankle I have NEVER found a four leaf clover. I have looked… Maybe I am more unlucky than you! I am looking forward to the shenanigans!! Oh, I changed my page to be all St. Patti’s day like…

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