You Don’t Kill Prince Charming. You Just Don’t.

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Colin Firth

The majority of my adult life has been spent divided between living each day to tell a story the next, searching for the Mark Darcy to my Bridget Jones, and imagining all of the glorious things that happen once Bridget and Mark live happily ever after. Especially once I finally did meet my Mark Darcy AKA Mr. Darcy AKA Prince Charming (Brian). And started imagining our happily ever after…(Shhh don’t tell Brian!)

Oh stop judging me. You have a romantic hero too. (If it’s Bella Swan, we can’t be friends…OK, maybe. But you know what I mean.)

Mark Darcy is Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy is essentially…Prince Charming.

He’s the dream hero. He’s the romantic idol. He’s what every girl imagines her future love to be.

You want a guy to look at you the way Mark looked at Bridget. You want a guy to tell you that he likes you. Just as you are.

Hugging dolphins

Lucky for me, I found that guy. Sure, he looks at me all funny like when I start hyperventilating over that fact that an author killed my novelized dream man, but most of the time, he looks at me with affection. And love.

But you know what? We’ve got a life ahead of us. And Bridget and Mark? They had a life, too. And Helen Fielding was too fucking lazy to write it. Instead, she took the easy way out. She wrote what she knew. Left broken-hearted with her own two children by her baby daddy in 2009, she started penning a book in which Bridge was a single mother of two.

We never got to see her happy ending, but we imagined it. We ALL did. Every last Bridget advocate. Bridget and Mark with one pair of folded underpants at the foot of the bed and the other pair swinging from the ceiling fan. The lovable disaster and the brilliant, full-of-heart, perfect opposite love of her life.

So I’m angry. And I KNOW I’m not the only one.

Because what Helen Fielding did was wrong.

She killed Prince Charming. She fucking. Killed. Prince. Charming.

Before his story was even written!

Did we see a wedding? No. Did we see the marriage? No. Did we see them become parents? Nope. Because Helen Fielding apparently doesn’t know how to write happy.

Will I read this abomination? Fuck no. Because it’s wrong. It’s like…LITERARY BLASPHEMY.

And BTW. While I’m on the angry subject. KATIE…we’re fighting. I can’t believe you couldn’t tell me this. You’re a BOOK BLOGGER! You HAD to know about this! And I had to read it on the internet. We named our scheffleras Bridget and Shazzer together! OK. Fine. I still love you. But I’m broken. Because of Helen Fielding.

Blog Friends, are you ex-Bridget fans too? Do you hate on Helen Fielding for her cruel and unusual punishment? I’ve created the hash tag: #YouDONTKillPrinceCharming if you’d like to sound off about this too. I’m ANGRY. And I’m LOUD.

If you’re not into the Bridget thing, have you ever been truly bothered by the outcome of a series?

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16 Responses

  1. I had an English teacher in High School who, when we didn’t like the ending of a book, would allow us to rewrite the last chapter as our paper on the book. I think it was Jane Eyre that set a lot of people off, she went back to him, seriously! As for Bridget, I read the first and second books and I am stopping there.

    1. ME TOO! We read, “When She Hollers” in a small group and we all hated it that our assignment was to re-write the ending and send it to the author. I still have the response letter.

  2. I’ve never read the books or watched the movies… but I did hear about this, and boy does it have people mad. Though I didn’t hear that she did it because of what happened in her own life. Ugh… I mean, there’s nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from wherever you can get it… but then you have to take that inspiration and do something worthwhile with it. I can’t speak to this one, but I once read a novel that was so bad, and I just had this sneaking suspicion… went to the author’s website and, sure enough, everything that had happened in the book had happened to the author. And it showed. It was like really bad fan fiction.

    Anyway… I’m sorry for your loss.

    1. I REALLY loved the first two. It’s no surprise it made so many people mad!

      Also, thank you. “I’m sorry for your loss” is probably the best comment/response on the planet. I feel like I should be wearing black and in in mourning…but I will re-write my own story in my head. And it involves a love story. With cheese. And happy endings. And no one dying until they are very very old, surrounded by grandchildren.

  3. Anybody that reads “Chick Lit” deserves to have their illusions punctured. Helen Fielding none the less can’t be that bad. Hey, she hung out with Rowan Atkinson. 😉

  4. I read somewhere that there are flashbacks? Maybe? Which would help but does NOT make it better. I am so upset that she killed him off that I don’t know that I’ll be able to read it either.

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