If I’m Not Running Into Poles, I Trip Over Invisible Wires

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The thing about working in the city and doing the whole commuter thing, is that when we want to go out after work, we become slaves to the train schedule. On the 40s of every hour, a train leaves the station. Miss it, and you’re stuck twiddling your thumbs for 59 minutes.

One night, shortly after walking headfirst into a no-parking sign, Brian and I stayed late to have dinner with his brother. In our mad dash to the train, I decided I would take a shortcut.

There’s a small patio in front of Union Station, that is often cut-throughable. I was running about 5 feet in front of Brian, and saw a gap between tables that were trying to block the way. I turned and aimed for the gap, preparing to zig zag through the Corner Bakery tables. Except…

There was also a GIANT cable locked around these tables. Huge. And most important, INVISIBLE.
And so obviously…I jumped right over it…well, I did in my mind, anyways.

There’s a very unique feeling when it comes to falling down for me. It’s almost always unexpected. And shocking. But it never hurts as bad as it looks. Except when it does. This was one of those scathing falls that knocks you on your ass seven ways from Sunday. And we still needed to get to the train. So I got up and ran some more, jumping over the next cable on my way out of the “shortcut.” We made the train with seconds to spare, and I was able to assess the damage and feel the pain.

Aside from the burn on my ankle where the cable caught me, the invisible bruise on my palm from the landing, the scrape on the inside of my right knee from…well…something, the gash on my left knee, and the throbbing pain in the same knee, it wasn’t so bad. I just kept telling myself it could be worse. Right?

Someone please tell me an injury story so I don’t feel quite so ridiculous.

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  1. As Muho Noelke said ” When you walk, just walk. Let the walk walk. Let the talk talk.” I recently watched a lady friend go down when she didn’t notice a hole over by the bus transit center where I live. Luckily the damage was just a skinned knee and a little antibiotic cream and a band-aid took care of the damage. “Be mindful grasshopper!” (Master Po)

  2. Here’s a story. I tore a quad years ago. How? Good question. Well, I had played my very first kickball game (as a sub for my then-boyfriends team). So it makes sense that I’d snap a muscle doing a new activity. Well that didn’t do it. The next morning I went for a 10 mile bike ride in my “training” for Bike the Drive. That didn’t do it either. Later that day I was playing in the hot summer sun with my nephew and niece with a beachball that a garden hose screws into and sprays water out of it in a number of places and you can throw it around and whatnot. I decided to kick it up in the air and why not, it’s a AIR FILLED BEACH BALL. THAT did it. I tore my quad. I got in a fight with AIR and air won. I spent the rest of the day at the Emergency room getting an MRI and an ice machine that circulates cold water into this pad thing that was ACE bandaged onto my thigh. I lived with that ice machine for 2 weeks. Crutches for 4 weeks (I think.) Feel better yet??

  3. What the hell is wrong with you? You can’t run or jump anymore. Be grateful you can still walk and dance. STOP RUNNING AND JUMPING!!!!

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