Two Hours in the Life of Me. A Typical Atypical Day.

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The other day my morning progressed in the following fashion:

7:00 AM: Woke up. Late.

Got dressed. In the dark.

Packed some snacks for work and yogurt for breakfast.

Waited on Brian. (This is unusual as he is typically waiting on me.)

Gave Brian my gigantic umbrella. Used a tiny substitute.

7:42 AM Missed my train. By a millisecond.

Thought to self, So this is how the day is going to go.

8:25 AM Got to the city.

Walking to work, I looked down at my shirt. Inside out.

Got to the elevator.

Thought to self, If the ‘vator is empty…

Then people jumped on. Got to the 16th floor.

Realized I didn’t push the 13.

Thought to self, So this is how the day is going to go.

Pushed 13. Flipped shirt outside in.

Elevator opened.

8:45 AM Got to desk.

9:00 AM Looked for yogurt. Left bag at home.

Thought to self, So this is how the day is going to go.

And the day pretty much continued like that.

Sometimes, I feel like this is the norm moreso than it is unusual for me. Inside out shirts, forgetting things at home, not paying attention to where I’m going, fixing the problem in the most inappropriate way ever…I mean, if anyone had gotten on the elevator between floors 15 and 14, they would have gotten a much better view. Also, I think there’s a camera in the elevator. Whatever.

If you don’t believe me, here are a few additional examples.

That one morning when all hell broke loose with the broken glasses and the freezing and the ugh right before vacation.

That other morning when I was a little late to work because I forgot my keys

That time I got a concussion because of a no parking sign and the Willy Wonka of meat candy.

That other time I almost died because of an invisible wire.

I mean, at least it’s spread out over the course of several months, right?

Me on a good commuter day (okay, fine...this was on my way home.)
Me on a good commuter day (okay, fine…this was on my way home.)

Why do we rush around so much? What’s your rushed morning look like.

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19 Responses

  1. We are all the same. Your’s is just more dramatic (manic?) than others. I thinks it’s better to be crazy and hectic than eternally boring. I miss hectic.

  2. So where are you?! That looks like a commute I used to take a.k.a. the LIRR to nowhere fast! I do this all the time actually – but there is a slight variation. Usually it’s my panties that are on inside out, I always leave my work phone at home and send my kids to school with the wrong uniform on. It makes for interesting elevator movies 😉

    1. I’m in the Chicago suburbs.

      I can’t imagine trying to flip my panties right side in with just 20 seconds of elevator music…You’ve got to have some mad skill 😉

  3. Oh my good God woman. I feel your pain, some days are just WRONG but if that’s happening every morning, ya. My morning is simple because it just involves getting me to work (with my snazzy new 15 minute commute) and feeding the furball. Although I’m notorious for making my lunch the night before and then leaving it in the fridge. And if I didn’t have a hook by my door, I’m pretty sure my keys would end up in Narnia. With my missing socks and tupperware lids.

  4. I suggest when crap like this happens you sing subvocally the words to the Paul Thorne song “It’s a great day to whoop somebody’s ass!” Just don’t sing it out loud on the train or in the elevator 😉 The other option which is probably more sensible is to get up early, slow down, and be as mindful as possible.

  5. “Momma said there’d be day like, they’re be days like this momma said!!” My advise is to get Brian to take you to one of the Disney parks at this point or possibly Legoland.

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