Holy Crap, We’re Actually Moving.

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Life update:

It’s hard to believe it’s been 18 months since we moved into our little Downers Grove apartment. Our first home together with just the two of us. The first non-college apartment I ever lived in. The first place I officially moved out of my parents’ house to live. There’s some serious nostalgia here.

But I’m excited. Because I’m pretty sure the apartment has been trying to kill me for 18 months. And because this means we’re legit looking for a house. Where we can build a secret passageway and a slide/staircase. And create the perfect quirky and unique home that is all ours forever. (I’m an optimist, kids).

Moving to a new home
Our bedroom hasn’t looked this perfect since that day we moved in. *facepalm*

Our move is scheduled for less than one month from today.  For the duration, 95% of our things are going to live in storage, and we, along with the other 5% of our crap, are going to live in Brian’s childhood home. We have a few weeks (and zero weekends) to pack up all of our things and decide what we absolutely need to keep with us and what we don’t. Obviously, I’m having a hard time with this.

But on the bright side, this adventure ends with a second move, from storage to a house.

I want to know, Blog Friends, what would you keep with you when most of your stuff has to live in a storage unit for an unknown duration of time.

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  1. Bring your own important kitchen things. You can put your dishes into storage, but for the love of the kitchen, bring your own pots and pans, unless Brian’s childhood home already has some that are better quality than yours. Bring your favorite coffee/tea mug. Bring your own sheets. If you only bring your summer clothes and put your winter things in storage, it is more incentive to be moving into a house sooner. Bring your books and board games. Bring little knick-knacky nostalgia things… but not too many.

    1. Only bringing the soda stream and the Keurig. And yes, my Cheshire cat mug. The rest of the kitchen is getting packed up. We’re actually bringing our whole bed because the existing bed in that room is two twin beds. Computer and some games are coming. You came pretty close to all though!

        1. Ours is too…but we’re bringing our bed and moving the existing beds out of the room we’re using. 🙂 We’re not sure how long we’ll be there, but it’s long enough that we need our bed (the twin beds in there now are pretty old).

          1. Thanks! I’m so not a fan of moving. I don’t have much of a history with it, having lived with my parents well into my late twenties…but I’m hoping not to become too acquainted with the moving thing.

  2. Ironic because we just did this like a week ago. What did I keep with me? My clothing for two weeks. A stack of 15 books. Crafty shit like knitting needles and yarn. A sketch pad. And lots and lots and lots of homeschooling materials for the kiddies so that I can have time to do said reading, knitting, and sketching haha.

  3. Hun I feel you. I lived out of a handful of boxes for almost 10 months. It was hard. Because I would randomly look for something and realize it was in a box. You’ll be surprised how much you don’t miss. And it means you can do an awesome purge when you finally do unpack because you realize that you really don’t need a lot of it.

  4. Oh man, been there! A couple times. Laptop, clothing, toiletries, and a few pair of shoes. You’ll survive and it’ll feel like Christmas when you get to open that storage shelter back up.

  5. You’d be surprised by what you don’t need, but make sure you have what you do really need or you’ll be buying it again because you can’t find it in the multitude of storage boxes. I am so excited that you will soon be looking for a house. It’s going to be so much fun!

  6. I love moving! We’ve done it 4 times since 2006 LOL I like the idea of setting up camp and arranging stuff. The packing I can live without though LOL Hopefully, the next time we do it, it’s going to be to our own house because we are just renting now. Pfft
    Oh, you better bring the octopus when you move. 😉

  7. Storage lockers are the invention of the devil imho. I started clear out mine today after years and my realization was “why have I hung on to all this crap!”

    1. I would typically agree with you. I had stuff in storage for years after college and ended up selling most of it in a garage sale. But this is a legit reason to get temporary storage. We’re moving into a fully furnished house for a few months before we move into our own house.

  8. I will be 71 this year, have moved about 20 something times over the years. I have come to the conclusion that not matter where you move or how many times you always forget something. I will be moving again in a few months. :o)

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