Hey World, I Have Faith in You

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Humans. I have faith in you. Recently, you’ve made me so sad. My heart hurts for the things I’ve seen and read lately. I can’t watch the news  because it makes me cry. And I know I’m not alone.

But I believe in you. I know that deep down, you really don’t want to behave the way you’ve been behaving.


You don’t want to show the world that it’s okay to rape a drunk, unconscious woman just because you’re drunk too.

You don’t want there to be fewer consequences for crimes just because someone’s stupidity could have a profound impact on their elitist, athletic, wealthy future.

You don’t want to spend all that time and energy arguing about which is more important: the life of a gorilla or the life of a child, when you could be thinking about how to create real, protective sanctuaries for endangered animals.

You don’t want to blast a couple of parents who’ve done the same thing every other freaking parent on the planet has done at least once.

You don’t actually want a racist, sexist elitist president.

You don’t want to waste your votes in the fall and not vote because you hate both candidates.

I have faith in you. I know you can do good things in this world. You can change it. You can improve it.

Be better.

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  1. Recommended by Rubber Shoes In Hell’s Michelle Combs Maybe, just for today, I’ll try to have some faith in the world. Just for today.

  2. This is WONDERFUL, and I think it deserves a new term. Not common sense, because (as so many are quick to point out) it’s not that common any more. I’m going with HUMAN sense. Because it is. It just is <3

  3. Wow…well said. Dad said”that eas heavy. I am so proud of that girl.” He also agrees with you 100 percent! As do I.

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