I Hate Having to Apologize for Being Crazy

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I’ll admit it. I have OCD tendencies. There are some things that I need done a certain way, and if they aren’t done…panic attack central.


One of those things is the bagging of the groceries. I need to bag my own groceries. I need them bagged a particular way that makes sense to me…by me.

Trader Joes? They’re totally cool with it, but I still have to explain myself.  Jewel? They know me and I’m pretty sure they make fun of me when I leave.

(You know, on that note, it’s actually funny to think about some of the stories I used to tell about regulars at my service jobs…and how I’ve likely become one of the stories… the crazy lady that won’t let anyone touch her groceries.)

Anyway…it sucks. That I have to apologize for being crazy. Every. Single. Time.

Let me repeat that.

I have to apologize for having something wrong with my brain. The same something that probably makes me a creative genius. I digress.

Yesterday, Brian and I went to a Fresh Market…and I was almost refused my request. The girl started bagging my stuff and I said, I NEED to bag my own groceries. And she told me no. She told me she couldn’t. And I told her, that she HAD to. At which point, I have to tell her that I’m OCD and I’ll have a panic attack. And she argued with me. ARGUED!

“Well, the owner is here and we have to do it.”

“Well, I’m sorry, but I’m crazy, and you can tell them that I wouldn’t let you.”




And then when she was done ringing me up, she tried again.

“Can I at least bag some of your groceries?”

“No. I’m SORRY. I’m really really really sorry.”

Seriously. I get it. You have rules that you have to follow. But you make exceptions for people. You have to. Because if you don’t…I don’t care that you carry my favorite cheeses or a plethora of fruits and vegetables that make me joyful. Don’t. Care. You let me bag my own groceries, dammit. And don’t make me apologize more than once.

This rant has been brought to you by my very patient boyfriend. Who puts up with my incessant need to bag my own groceries.

Everyone’s got a little bit of crazy in them…what’s your brand of crazy?

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  1. Congratulations on all of your Bloggie nominations, by the way!

    My brand of crazy is also kind of the I HAVE TO DO IT MYSELF crazy. My husband never cleans as well as I do. My son never puts things away the way I would. My clients never want their copy to look the way I want it to look (the right way, of course.) I never let anyone have an inch, let alone a mile.

    Now that I’ve written it out, I think I’m just a control freak.

  2. I don’t think you’re crazy. A lot of those baggers don’t know how to put the frozen foods together and not with the bread and tampons. Pisses me off too! You go girl!

  3. “I’ve always been crazy with one foot over the line.”–Waylon Jennings 😉 Probably the clerks stupid union has a rule against customers bagging groceries. Grocery clerks aren’t too bright anyway as a generalization. Myself, if I really cared, I’d probably just say “fine, forget about the groceries” and leave them on their station walking quickly to the door.

  4. Ha! I remember when I was in high school we did a fundraiser at Cub Foods (do those still exist?) where we (the pom pom squad) bagged groceries for donations. There was a woman who came through my line who said, “I’ll donate, but I still want to bag my own groceries.” I had no qualms with that!

    1. We used to do those for cheerleading! (And I don’t think they do around here).

      Hahaha. Yeah, I was the same way when we bagged. What you don’t want us to bag? SWEET!

    2. We had a fundraiser like that once, too… we all had to wear the same (really nice for the time, expensive) polo shirts with our showchoir on them. A bottle of not quite closed bleach came down the line and I had to buy a new shirt. Not cool.

  5. I don’t HAVE to bag my own groceries but I always bring tote bags vs using store plastic bags so it gives me the excuse to do it myself. Some cashiers know what they’re doing, others are bruising my fruit!!

  6. I do like to bag myself to keep the frozen with the frozen and snacks with snacks, but I don’t HAVE too… As for ‘brand of crazy’ GIRL! I have enough brands to fill my own grocery store. My mom says it’s what makes me so special!

    1. You are quite special indeed.

      My consolation? I always ask Brian, “You still love me, even though I’m crazy, right.”

      And his response?

      “Probably BECAUSE you’re crazy.”

  7. I don’t mind someone else bagging my groceries, but you know where I really realize I’m too controlling? When my kids are “helping” me with something, or vice-versa. why can’t I just let the kid make a little mess on the counter when helping me cook? Or let him do that damn puzzle his own way! haha I look back on myself sometimes and I’m like, wow, what an asshole.

  8. I Hate bagging groceries. Don’t worry – I have my own quirks. That just doesn’t happen to be one of them. However, having to argue with someone to let you bag your own groceries? See, that would be one of mine. I don’t know if I would be able to make myself go back there, knowing that another argument would probably happen. Ugh! Why can’t people just listen to what you say?

  9. Oh thank you so much for this post. I question myself about OCD, seriously. There are so many random things that upset me that most other people would find weird, I know my husband feels the frustration sometimes. I’ll list a few them here:

    -The clothes have to be folded a certain way, every item has it’s “thing”, if you will. Shirts have to have the front showing and be right side out, pants: the pockets must be on the outside. Towels are folded in half and then in three. Everything is in its place, my closet is color coded.
    -Doing the bed, there’s an art.
    -Writing in notebooks and planners, ALWAYS in pencil, except for the date. I threw a fit when someone wrote in my planner in ink!

    The worst is I can’t even explain why it bothers me so much, it’s just the “right” way in my head. Anyway, your post made me feel so much better, I’ll show it to the next person who has to deal with a freak out of mine.

  10. Oh, Chrissy! (I read one of your blog posts, so I know you well enough to call you by your nickname, right? Of course.) Anyways. Oh dear, you should not apologize for being crazy, in fact I’d use that creative mind of yours to think through some statements that make you seem apologetic but actually get around the words ‘I am sorry,’ because you are you, and you shouldn’t have to apologize for doing something that makes you feel comfortable.

    In fact, I think it’s something to emphasize. I think people with a few quirky tendencies are cute, you know? My girlfriend has a few of them, and they only make me love her more.

    “Screw you bagger girl, and your manager. I will punch you if you do not let me bag these delectable fruits.”

    Awesome blog post (:

    1. I can’t thank you enough for your comment. You make so many great points. I’ve often wondered about the word, “sorry.” We have so many connotations and uses of the word that I even managed to create my own word for when you’re empathizing with someone. “Wargle” Of course it’s ridiculous and sounds all wrong, but I use it. And Brian uses it. And it just kind of works for us.

      The quirky tendencies are supposed to be adorable! All I wanted, from the time I realized I wanted a nice boy to love me, was someone who appreciated my weird and quirkiness…and loved me the better for it. That’s Brian to a tee. 🙂

  11. I definitely have my brand of crazy, but I just can’t think of any examples right now. I’m sure my husband could come up with a list off the top of his head. I always bag my own groceries too, and I’ve never had anyone argue with me!

  12. My crazy is that I have to be the one to load the dishwasher. If the kids or my husband (when he was ling here) did it, I would sneak into the kitchen and re-load it when they weren’t looking. Dishes have to be clean — you know???

  13. LOL!! Haven’t come across this one!
    Seriously though, I guess it does make sense that you would want it in a particular order so that you can unpack and put away stuff easily!! Go you for winning against grocery girl!!

  14. I’m pretty certain that I have OCD myself… and it definitely gets annoying explaining my special needs to folks all the time. And although I haven’t graduated to bagging them myself, I do instruct the cashiers on what to put in what bag… and I’m sure they all roll their eyes when they see me coming at Wegmans. Haha

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