You Guys, I Couldn’t Make This Shit Up If I Tried

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Let me tell you a little story. Sometimes, I just sort of plop down on the floor. Especially if I have been squatting to reach something on the bottom of the fridge. And I am tired.

And so there I was sitting on the kitchen floor the other day after work and Brian brought me a glass of water. And then dragged this giant helium balloon over and said to me, “Hold onto this. It will help you get up.” And he pulled. And pulled. And I still didn’t get up. And then he laughed a little. And then took my picture. And I DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE that while he was telling me to pull down or move my water glass that he had a plan. I didn’t realize it until I LOOKED at the pictures what he was doing. I thought he just couldn’t see my face.

Smiley Face BalloonSmiley Face BalloonSmiley Face BalloonSmiley Face Balloon

For the record? I was Stone. Cold. Sober.

Tell me something ridiculous about you. Please. So I don’t feel quite as…special. Thanks!

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  1. Well my husband would really be the person to ask, but here’s what *I* think of when the topic of “stupid stuff I’ve done/said” comes up, because my brother won’t let me forget about it.

    Once, back in the time where I didn’t care about sports, we were all getting ready to go somewhere, and somehow I ended up the first one ready. So I’m sitting in the living room, zoning out in front of the football game, while my brother, my mom, and my dad are all in the bathroom or their bedrooms or wherever, getting ready.

    Suddenly there’s a huge cheer from the TV.

    Them: “What happened?”
    Me: “They scored.”
    Them: “WHO scored?!”
    Me: “Um… the guys with the ball.”

    Clearly this was not the answer they were looking for. Oops.

    1. Ha! Too funny. I had those days too. I remember cheering for football as a little girl and not having a CLUE as to what was going on. When other girls cheered I cheered. When they were quiet, I was…probably talking anyways. 😉

  2. How ’bout my garage looks like one of those places “American Pickers” stops to find ‘treasures’ at! Of course, I can’t get my car in there anyway. We had a community garage sale a couple months ago and I think I made about $25.
    p.s. I think, as Chuck Norris would probably say, the green balloon with the smiley calls for revenge. How ’bout finding a blue one and tying the string around one of your squeeze’s appendages while he’s asleep. Then post some pics on your blog 😀 Or get a magic marker and give him an extra set of eyebrows or something.

  3. Hahaha…Oh. Brian sounds like somebody who could make one laugh all day. You lucky girl!
    Something about myself that makes me…special. Hm. I’m not gonna lie, it’s not THAT hard to think of. But it does involve alcohol 😉
    Around one year or so I went out drinking with my friends and we had gooood time. I came back home and desperately wanted to wash off my make-up but didn’t want to go all the way to the bathroom so I found (or at least I thought I did) a package of makeup wipes. When I woke up in the morning I was really shocked and asked my Englishman why there are so many household wipes (the ones for polishing wooden furniture) around my bedtime table. He was as shocked as I was and then started laughing at me….
    Luckily my skin made it – nothing happened…Well, if you dont coun’t my pride being hurt and never fully recovering! 🙂

  4. Ok, so I was so moved by this post I had to get off my phone and turn on my computer so I could see the photos blown up…

    Chrissy you look like you were totally drunk, and the balloon over your head is CLASSIC!! Like four hundred and twelvty-three (yes, twelvty) points for Brian!

    I lay on my floor too… sober… I get it.

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