DIY: How to Make Your Own Halloween Decor AKA Some Seriously F*ed Up Sh*t

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So, in case you didn’t already know… I’m pretty sick and twisted when it comes to Halloween. From Haunted House Costumes and this awesome bouquet toss winner costume to Pinterest Gone Awesome with a Baby Eating Pumpkin, a bathroom spider den, a murder scene, and these horrifyingly creepy dolls, I’ve got some really messed up thoughts on the creepy. Last week, while perusing Pinterest for some ideas to decorate for the Halloween festivities at our house, I came across this pin:

Source: via Chrissy on Pinterest
Source: via Chrissy on Pinterest

First, I thought to myself, That is the coolest fucking thing I have ever seen. Then I realized, $33? Fuck that. I can make that bad ass piece of Halloween paraphernalia way cheaper.

So last night, I got the supplies together…(and spent a grand total of $8) and set out to create. My plan was: If this goes poorly, I will call the post: Pinterest Gone Wrong. If this goes well, I will call this post Some Seriously Fucked up Shit.

As you will soon see, I’m an evil genius.

The Materials the Make the Hanging Cocoon
The materials I started with: 2 long poles (I used a broomstick and a mop), a ball, a fitted bed sheet, a hanger, fake spider web, and plastic bugs.

I needed some tape, too. Luckily Brian had duct tape in his car…

Duct Tape for Halloween Decoration
Yes. In his car. Creepy?
Hanging Cocoon Man for Halloween
Tape the hanger to the ball. The hanger is your “shoulders.”
How to Make the Coolest Halloween Decorations
Tape the poles to the hanger.
Halloween Cocoon Man
Tape the poles together in the center.
Making a Cocoon Man for Halloween
Cool, right?

It was at this point that I realized I needed a few additional supplies — 3 more hangers.

Cocoon Man Hips
Use one hanger for the hips.
Cocoon Man for Halloween
Reinforce the head.
Hanging Cocoon Man
Add the Shoulders (2 additional hangers).
Halloween Mummy Decoration
Wrap the body like a mummy.

Brian made a suggestion that we add a pillow to the body. Since we have a plethora of pillows…this seemed like a brilliant plan. So, I ran and got one.

The Hanging Mummy
Tape the pillow to the poles
Making a Hanging Mummy
Re-wrap the cocoon.
Spider Web Wrapped Cocoon
Wrap the cocoon in spider webbing.
Hanging the Corpse
We used these bungee cables.

I realized we needed something to hang the mummy, and Brian had these in his car, too…hmmmm…

Hanging Mummy
Hang the mummy.
Adding to the Hanging Cocoon
We’re going to cover that entire area in spiderwebbing…Like so. And people will be scared. Like so.
Hanging Cocoon Man
Put on the finishing Touches-the death bugs…not unlike Death Bug.

Brian is terrified of this. He thinks I am completely sick and twisted. He is right.

I made a homemade hanging mummy cocoon wrapped in spider webs and hung it from the banister in the stairwell for our Halloween Party

What creepy-ass shit do you do for Halloween?

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  1. Oh my God. How are you not going to pee your pants when you come down for a glass of water in the middle of the night and see that!!

  2. So glad I found a tutorial, I was going to wrap one of my kids and try it, lol. Coat hangers unfortunately seem more logical. : ) I am going to find everything right now!

  3. Nice…I decorate my outside for every holiday we’ll the neighbors are about to see just how sick I can be. I’m thinking to add a huge spider as if the spider is eating that sucka…

  4. Thanks for the awesome idea. I made a few changes to mine cause its hung outside.. I wrapped the finished product in plastic before wrapping in spider webbing so it won’t get ruined by the rain. Wish I could share a picture

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