Some Things are Actually More Difficult for Chubby Girls

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So, I know most of us have body issues…and if you don’t, more power to you. Fat, skinny, chubby, thin…big ass, no ass, huge boobs, flat chest…there are reasons that anyone could feel a little down about their bods. And with the way humans are, other people don’t really help with our body image issues.

So this is not to say that my problems as a chubby/fat/overweight girl outweigh yours or anyone else’s…

But there are DEFINITELY some things that are genuinely more time-consuming, more difficult and more painful because of the way my body is.

There may also be things that are more difficult for smaller girls (or guys), but not living on that side of the scale…I can’t speak for them.

Shaving your legs

We all know how I feel about shaving and how it’s one of those painful grooming activities that fills me with regret and grumpiness…I’m sure that even the skinniest girl needs to be a flippin’ contortionist to do all the shaving that someone decided was necessary for ladies to be pretty and sexy and delicious…

I FEAR someone walking in on me while I’m in the bathtub, ankle raised above my head or hanging out over the tub while I try to make my pale white legs “pretty” so I can wear a dress…because most pants don’t fit me well enough to wear. Let’s not even go into the chub rub that comes from freshly shaved thighs, but seems to disappear when I haven’t shaved in a while.

Instead, let’s talk about the sheer volume of my legs (and arms). As I was shaving the other day, I thought to myself, you know, Chrissy…you should shave more. It wouldn’t kill you. And then I thought about the process…and how it wasn’t as if it added just 5-10 minutes to my beauty regime…it added 30-35 minutes…at least. And then I asked myself, how the hell do other girls do this EVERY DAY?

And I realized that this size of my legs and arms is genuinely bigger than those of other girls. With the areas that requires shaving—the circumference of my thighs, the distance between the from of my leg and the back of my leg—it’s more time consuming.

Life’s a process for me. I think you knew that. Shaving is one of those processes.  The contortion. The amount of time. The wondering why the hell we do this. It’s a process.

shaved legs
I think I do it so I can walk around (the beach or other place) in a skirt…so I don’t have to wear pants. Because pants=the devil.

Working out

I recently lost a few pounds. I’m still pretty proud of myself even though the stress of my current life has slowed that process. What I realized, though, after losing about 10 pounds, was holy shit! That’s 10 pounds I’m not carrying around anymore.

This one’s harder to explain, so I’ll try a demonstration. Do 10 jumping jacks or some other quick cardio activity. Feels ok, right? Now, pick up a 25 pound weight or a pair of weights or whatever. Repeat the exact same cardio activity while holding the weights. Not as easy, right?

If you weigh 130 pounds, that added 25 pounds is on someone else every. Single. Day. That 155 pound? That’s the weight my driver’s license said 15 years ago, when I first got my license. That’s the weight my driver’s license says now.

It was a lie then, and it’s a lie now. It’s just a bigger lie.

For the record, I am well aware of the fact that I, too, can do this exercise, and I know that there is someone 25 pounds more than me who has a more difficult time working out simply because of the added weight.

Riding rollercoasters

I LOVE me some thrill rides. Flying down a steep wooden or steel mountain at warp speeds while safely strapped in a harness makes me feel invincible. But sometimes, I don’t actually FIT in the coaster. Older rides are definitely more difficult for me. The newer rides tend to be designed with bigger hips in mind.

I’ll stop there.

I want to know if there are things that are genuinely more difficult for you because of your size?

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27 Responses

  1. It gets harder and harder to work out with each weight gain. I’ve been steadily gaining over the past couple of years so I have noticed the difference. Just bending over to pick things up is more difficult. I am losing slowly and can feel a difference already in my activity level and ability.

    I really wish not shaving would enter the mainstream here in the U.S. because it’s a pain.

  2. Speaking of shaving, though… I actually got more annoyed with it as I lost weight. Suddenly my calves had muscle definition, which was harder to shave than the uniform mass they were before (and are again now).

    A small price to pay for being healthier and feeling better about myself, but still…

    (FWIW, I don’t shave above the knee. Like, ever. I do use Nair now and again when I’m feeling a little too Yeti-like, but I will never again shave my thighs. It really is ridiculous how long it takes.)

    1. I only go above the knee on rare occasions. And I wear long skirts so I don’t have to shave below the knee that often.

  3. Okay my size is TALL and I can’t buy a damn maxi dress to save my life!
    Also: shaving legs, no. I used to be this sexy beast that thought it made perfect sense to shave as part of the daily showering routine. Ha… no… that’s no longer on the list. Neither is washing my hair.

  4. Yes!!! Sitting on the floor is harder too. I teach elementary school. I can’t sit cross legged and if I tuck my legs to one side one of them always goes numb. And it is really hard to get back up from the floor.

    1. Oh man! I hate it when part of my leg or foot falls asleep! (Sort of related: My lady bits have started falling asleep on the train because I sit on the hard metal stairs…Not awesome.)

  5. When I was 80lbs heavier, traveling internationally. Not just sitting on a plane for 18 hours. But traveling in Asian countries where people are generally petite and there’s no shame in discussing someone’s weight in their presence. I can’t tell you how many people in Cambodia, Singapore, & Thailand called me “big girl.” One person asked me if I ate a lot of McDonald’s.

    I began my massive weightloss transformation very soon after coming back from Cambodia.

  6. Word! In between our Petaluma excursion and BlogHer, I went to an A’s game. And I spent 6 gruelling innings squished into a small seat… I literally have bruises on both hips from forcing myself into a seat. And it was a very sad realization that that’s one more thing I can’t really enjoy anymore because of my weight.

    It’s a constant struggle, I find, between “I rock and screw anyone who can’t hang with my body because I’m more than the sum of my parts” and “holy crap I really need to lose some of this weight like yesterday”. I really do have this fight with myself every day.

  7. I run. I run faster when I weigh less. I usually weigh more.

    Sites say that losing 10 pounds means you can run a mile 20 seconds faster. So that means you can, without changing your training at all, run a 10K race, that’s shaving two minutes off your time, without truly trying.

    The thigh rub? In all things? Always a problem for me, no matter the weight. I love to wear dresses, but I gotta wear tights or running-short-length undies underneath.

    I loved the honesty and openness of this post, you.

    1. Thank you Jocelyn! Yeah…I only run when I’m being chased. And I’d honestly rather hide.

      I always wear leggings or shorts under dresses…But part of that is because in the city my skirt flips up a lot…

  8. Yes to shaving. And sitting on the floor. (Even as a not chubby kid I was bad at crossing my legs). And putting on socks and tying shoes. And last time I went to an amusement park I tried 4 coasters. 3 were fine, 1 didn’t fit.

  9. Hi my name is Shannon. I’m gonna be 26 this November and I’ve had weight issues since I turned 8 years old. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovaries syndrome). It means that it’s easy for me to gain weight but hard for me to lose weight. I’m recently engaged and my fiance is a great help to me. He helps me shave my upper legs because my weight prevents me from doing it myself. Thanks for letting me share a bit about me.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Shannon. It sounds like you’ve found a really great partner to navigate the world with. I hope having a diagnosis is helpful (whether it’s to make a game plan for your next steps or just validation that you have a medical condition that causes whatever symptoms you are experiencing). Sending hugs to you, friend!

  10. Hello:) As I get older I despise that women shaving ever became a thing! And angry enough last night about having to do it…that ultimately led me here! Lol. It was nice to read all the posts! Especially the part about hiking your leg over your head…b/c I was totally thinking how much of a laugh a man would get out it! I have skinny chicken legs and trying to shave around my bony knees and chins takes friggen forever! I have to move my skin around in all directions over and over to keep from having long hairs sticking out! So no matter what size you are shaving just sucks!

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