Those Were the Best Days of My Life…Or Were They?

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The other day I was jammin’ out in the car to Summer of ’69. As I was singing (and likely annoying the crap out of Brian), I started thinking about the places that this song takes me.

As a little girl, I was a junior cheerleader for a K-8 football and cheerleading organization. I was with the same team from 3rd through 8th grade, and we competed in poms against other suburban cheer teams. One of our first-place routines was choreographed to Summer of ’69, so it certainly has fond memories for me. I almost busted out a kick line and imagined myself ponying. In the car. In case you forgot.

But this time, instead of just reminiscing to my childhood, I found myself listening to the lyrics as I belted them out to Brian’s dismay (the singing, not the thinking).

In the song, Bryan Adams sings about the good ol’ days when he was carefree and in love, before responsibility and adulthood.

Those were the best days of my life…

And I looked back on my past (all *cough*29*cough* years) life and thought about it. Which of those years or experiences were the BEST days of my life? Where would I go back if given the chance? What summer truly seemed to last forever?

And the answer was simple. I’m living the best days of my life. Good, bad and ugly, my present is so much better than my past. Because my past led me here. And the here and now will lead me to my future, so that I can always say that my present is the best days of my life.

Those were the best days of my life…

I have had some absolutely wonderful experiences, childhood vacations and camping trips. Family memories full of love. Friendships that have withstood the test of time. A growing circle of friends that has expanded and multiplied with more friends and their families. Relationships that helped me realize who I am and what I want so that I could find (and pester until he finally took me out on a date) and recognize the person that I am meant to be with.

I’m lucky.

But for every bright day, there was a dark one. For every memory of love, I have a memory of being bullied or watching my brother get bullied. For every memory of friendship, I have a memory of deception or cruelty or loneliness. For every memory of sheer happiness, I know and understand depression. For every heartwarming relationship memory, I’ve known gut-wrenching heartbreak. For every success, I also recall the failures.

Our lives are not measured solely on the successes. Nor are they measured on the failures. Each piece of the puzzle has added a layer to our personality. Every triumph, every stumble. But each of these experiences is merely a stepping stone to the next. And the days, whether dark or light, that shall come to pass will be wiser steps to a brighter future.

Those were the best days of my life…

We are unique. Our experiences are shared, but different. Alike, but completely one of a kind. We empathize (or don’t).

I struggle. I have a hard time keeping it all together. Working a full time job. Commuting more than 10 hours a week. In total 55+ hours devoted to work. Looking for ways to progress my career, to learn more, to see more, to be MORE. Looking for a new home by buying a house and making it a home. Writing for me. Blogging, but also creating characters and stories, so that one day I may have that best-selling novel all writers hope to attain. Living a life that I can be proud of. Enjoying time with friends. Family. Experiencing things so that I can have something to write about.

I struggle, but I’m not alone. I’m surrounded by my family. My friends. You.

You make this blog worth writing. Because of you, I am here. And for that I thank you.

Do you agree? Do you think the present is full of the best days or is there another, more relevant time in your life that constitutes the best? Do you wish you could go back or are you always looking ahead?

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18 Responses

  1. Great Post Chrissy. This is true for every one. It’s not how many times you fall it’s that you keep getting up and moving on. The best is yet to come :o)….

  2. I have actually recently been thinking that right now is the best time of my life. Part of that is the people surrounding me, but part of that is that I just like ME better than I did when I was younger. Being a more content and centered person enables me to be a better person to others. And it just keeps going from there.

  3. Hee, hee 😉 I think sometimes that it would be cool go back knowing what I know now. Then again, it could turn out like “Groundhog Day”. I would have to listen to music that now bores me and the inane chatter of the teens and twentysomes of my youth. Better to be fully present today at each moment.

      1. Maybe I would have requested a transfer out of some classes with bad teachers. I probably would have taken machine shop instead of some other elective class. And in my dreams, in high school I would have been more assertive with young ladies I was attracted to. On the whole, I enjoyed College much more than high school and did better academically.

  4. Am I the only person who can say without doubt or apology that these are definitely NOT the best days of my life? Yes, the good and bad defines who we become, and maybe (hopefully) at some point in the future this will no longer be true, but I definitely consider college the best time of my life. I feel like that’s when I was the most “me,” which is something I haven’t felt in years.

  5. **each of these experiences is merely a stepping stone to the next.

    Superbly written Post.

    Would I go Back?

    Yes. I would go back to 2010 when I had my sister here. x

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